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Paper Luigi is a major character from the Paper Mario series. He is a major character in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, one of the two deuteragonists of Super Paper Mario, (alongside Tippi) a supporting character in Paper Mario: Color Splash and one of the two tritagonists of Paper Mario: The Origami King. (alongside Paper Bowser) He is the paper counterpart of Luigi and the brother of Paper Mario.

Just like Luigi, he is voiced by Charles Martinet.

Role in the game

Paper Luigi is Luigi's paper form, just like Luigi, he can jump very high, unlike Paper Mario. He is a lazy coward just like his original counterpart from the game Super Mario series.

He appeared in Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 when he plays a major role in the game, he remains at home doing chores and built himself a secret basement so he can keep a secret diary.

He appeared again in Paper Mario on the GameCube when he plays a minor role when he tells his brother stories of his own adventure in the Waffle Kingdom to save its princess, Eclair from the Chestnut King. In addition, the L Emblem badge also changes Paper Mario's clothes into the color scheme of Paper Luigi's.

In Super Paper Mario, he was hypnotized by Nastasia and turned into his mean alter-ego Mr. L but Paper Mario, Paper Peach and Paper Bowser are able to free him by convincing Lord Blumiere to reform, then Paper Luigi is hypnotized again, this time by Dimentio who has bigger plans than Lord Blumiere, then turned into Super Dimentio, but Paper Mario, Paper Bowser, and Paper Peach are able to save him once again from Dimentio's control and scold Dimentio into freeing Paper Luigi which Dimentio agrees that the fact Dimentio explode into nothingness, freeing Paper Luigi once again. Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Paper Bowser, and Paper Peach manage to defeat Shadoo who tried to defeat them by impersonating them earlier.



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