Par is a recurring character from Los Casagrandes. He is the food delivery man for Hector's bodega and the only friend of Bobby Santiago.


Par is a tall and slim young adult with dark skin, shaggy brunette hair and eyebags. He wears a yellow hat, red polo, white robe, blue jeans and blue shoes.


He seems to be a regular and normal young man, but he's actually a thrill-seeker trying deadly dangerous and crazy activities like picnicking in cheetah territory or having a Jacuzzi with baby sharks. In addition, he is shown to be into rock music as seen when he played that at the time when Hector asked him to perform for Lupe at the time when Hector's band couldn't make it.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Roll Model", Par saw that an old lady was about to get crushed by a bunch of mango cans in the store so he rushed over there to push her out of the way and get himself crushed instead. He then came out as a hero and Carlino started idolizing him for that.
  • In "Never Friending Story", Bobby fell out of an airplane without a parachute so Par dove after him to grab him and deploy his own parachute and save his life. However, when they landed safely, they still landed in the cheetah exhibit at the zoo and got mauled to traction.
  • In "Mexican Makeover", Par performed Mexican music at the family reunion with Grandma Lupe to help the Casagrande Family cover for the fact that they knew nothing about their Mexican culture despite the fact he blew it.


  • Par has a long-distance girlfriend named Dori.
  • Par is so fast that he's able to outrun a cheetah.
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