Parakarry is the Paratroopa mailman of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario first meets him on Mt. Rugged, where he is upset. Parakarry explains to him that he has lost some of his letters. Mario finds them and then Parakarry joins him. Parakarry is able to get Mario across large gaps that can't be jumped over. Parakarry's attacks include Sky Dive, in which he dives onto an enemy from midair, Shell Shot, when Parakarry retreats into his shell and flings himself at an enemy, Air Lift, where Parakarry picks up an enemy and removes it from battle, and Air Raid, where he flies around crazily and attacks enemies. Parakarry is one of Mario's only partners who reappers in another Paper Mario game. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Parakarry is the mailman again, and he delivers a letter from Princess Peach to Mario.


Paper Mario

Mario first meets Parakarry on Mt. Rugged (though Mario can optionally find him standing in the Post Office earlier in the game, before Chapter One to be specific). Parakarry explains to Mario that he has lost three Letters and asks Mario to retrieve them. After Mario recovers the Letters and returns them to Parakarry, the Paratroopa joins Mario's party seemingly out of both thanks and as a wish to assist Mario in finding all of his other lost Letters. Outside of battle, Parakarry can carry Mario for a short amount of time, flying over gaps Mario cannot Jump over. With Parakarry on his team, Mario can also deliver the Letters he finds by talking to their recipients with Parakarry out on the field. Parakarry has a Defense Power of 1.

He also receives two letters at the Post Office in Toad Town: one from Frost T. thanking him for delivering his letter, and one from Whacka who admires his ability of flying.



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