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Parker Perfect is one of the two main protagonists from the Cartoon Network TV series, Wacky Races Forever pilot. He is the older son of the Peter Perfect and Penelope Pitstop and the older brother of Piper Perfect. He was the one of the competitors of Wacky Races (2017).

He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Parker is the teenage boy has a skin, short yellow hair, and black eyes. He wears a red, orange, blue and white shirt with a collars, he has a zipper with the grey, a red number nine bottom of both each sides, and he wears a red, orange and black gloves. He also wears a white pants and black boots just like his dad.


Parker was the son of the Peter and Penelope Perfect and the brother of Piper Perfect who is the driving drag racer called The Turbo Terrific trying to passing away from The Creepy Coupe heading down to the three-headed dog pops on to stop as it's jumping over by the dog landing out. Parker calls to hologram to his father, Peter. While the parents ask the children to get the winning on the race, with no avail. Peter ask his son that Perfect Industries having new building a bridge in their racecourse, sleeping snakes and his lawyer, Mr. Viceroy confirm it. The Perfect siblings bumping into fenders, and the other racers are heading on the sleeping snakes bridge.

Later, Parker and his sister Piper are in the war at each other, and they going on to the winning on the race. Dastardly thinking Viceroy are speak at the code, and driving away in the finish line, pushes out of the giant cheese coward wedge at the other. The awaking snakes alive collapses. Parker uses the turbo button, to propel The Turbo Terrific, massing on the snakes, and the other races to each side at their chasm, and up away and over to The Mean Machine, for the winning races.


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