The Patapon tribe are the main protagonist of the Patapon game series from PlayStation.


The Patapon tribe once had a legendary army that was nearly unstoppable. They bravely defeated all foes that challenged them in their arduous quest to find Earthend, where the sacred "IT" was said to be located.

According to ancient Patapon myth, "IT" was said to be an object that granted eternal contentment when looked upon. The Patapon wanted to fulfill the legend, desp

ite not even knowing the true nature of their ultimate goal (hence the name "IT"). However, the ancestral Patapon palace, Pata-Pole, was destroyed after a Patapon who would later be named Hero broke the World Egg, a legendary artifact, thinking that the Patapon Princess was in danger. Instead, the shattered Egg released many otherworldly demons that took over the land and Pata-Pole. The incident caused Hero to shame himself greatly and he put on a mask to erase his scarred memory, forgetting everything that had happened.

Eventually, the beaten tribe was out of Pata-Pole and the remaining members traveled across the sea to build Patapolis, where their descendants would live for many years. At the time of Patapon, the tribe had been reduced to a pitiful shadow of its once-mighty self. Patapolis was surrounded by many walls and forts, guarded by the Zigotons, a rival, native and hostile tribe that didn't want the Patapons to find "IT", due to a prophecy of their own which stated that disaster and doom would follow the Patapons if they ever marched forward again.

Despite their seemingly-hopeless predicament, the Patapons still harbored a confident and deep desire to find Earthend and defeat their suppressors. When all hope seemed lost, the tribe then rediscovered their god, who would lead them to Earthend and then fought against the Zigotons in a frantic attempt to reach their final goals. After many hardships and many battles with the Zigoton Generals, Gong, Spiderton, Scorpiton and Beetleton, they finally confronted with Queen Kharma, the Zigoton Queen herself. After a battle with Kharma, the Patapons had to vanquish Gorl, the demon that Kharma gave her army and soul to in order to stop the Patapons in a last resort attempt.

After a grueling battle, Gorl was finally vanquished and the Patapons finally looked at "IT", only to realize that it was the bright morning sun and that Earthend is far beyond the seas, where Pata-Pole had once stood.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

The Patapon appeared as background characters in the Hades stage in "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale".

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