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Name's Patchi, now see you next winter.
~ Patchi after confronting Gorgon.

Patchi is the main protagonist of Walking with Dinosaurs The 3D Movie. He is the son of Bulldust and an unnamed female Pachyrhinosaurus, the mate of Juniper and the younger brother of Scowler.

He was voiced by Justin Long, who also played Humphrey in Alpha and Omega. In the Japanese dub from the movie, he was voiced by Noritake Kinashi, who also voiced Marlin in Disney's Finding Nemo.


Patchi is a young Pachyrhinosaurus who is the runt of his litter. He gains a hole in his frill after another dinosaur tries to take him away, but he is saved by his father Bulldust. He loves his big brother, Scowler, even though they don't get along well. Patchi later befriends a bird named Alex and develops a crush on a female Pachyrhinosaurus named Juniper. When Bulldust dies at the jaws of a menacing Gorgosaurus, Gorgon, another male Pachyrhinosauraus named Major leads the herd. Patchi and Scowler also loses their mother and siblings to Gorgon's pack.

When becoming an adult, Patchi is dismayed when Scowler, after fighting Major and becoming leader of the herd, chooses Juniper to be his mate. Later, Scowler takes the herd across a frozen lake that starts to break. Patchi and Juniper manage to lead most of the herd to safety, whilst watched on by an outraged Scowler.

Later that day, Patchi is confronted by Scowler, who accuses him of trying to overthrow him and steal Juniper from him. The two brothers fight with Scowler emerging victorious. Scowler disowns Patchi as his brother and has Juniper and the rest of the herd leave Patchi behind. Feeling at loss, Patchi resigns to his fate of being eaten by predators. However, Alex convinces him to carry on living and to die for somthing like Bulldust did, who died saving Patchi from Gorgon.

Patchi and Alex follow the herd and find them being attacked by Gorgon and his pack. Despite Scowler telling him to take the herd to safety, Patchi decides to take on Gorgon and uses the hole in his frill to break Gorgon's arm, resulting in Gorgon and his pack fleeing. Scowler apologies to Patchi for his attitude and allows him to become leader f the herd and Juniper's mate.

Sometime later, Patchi and Juniper have eggs together. One of the eggs hatches, with Alex asking if the hatchling be named Alex Jr..




  • He is named for the hole in his frill, which was caused by an attack from a Troodon when he was a child. It came in handy for Patchi in his adult years when battling Gorgon the Gorgosaurus as he got his arm caught in the hole in Patchi's frill and broke his arm.
  • Jay Baruchel, Drake Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Ryan Potter, Steven Yeun, and Andrew Rannells were considered for the role of Patchi.
  • Patchi is one of only four dinosaur characters to speak in the film (with the other dinosaurs only communicating through roars). The other three being Scowler, Juniper and Alex.
  • Patchi is similar to Simba:
    • Both are the son of the leader of their group (Patchi's father Bulldust led the Pachyrhinosaurus herd whilst Simba's father Mufasa led the Pridelanders).
    • Both their fathers are killed the main antagonists (Gorgon and Scar).
    • Both, as adults, later battle one of their relatives (Scowler and Scar).
    • Both fall in love with and marry their female best friend (Juniper and Nala) and have children with them (Patchi and Juniper have Alex Jr. and his siblings whilst Simba and Nala had Kiara, Kion and unofficially Kopa).
    • Both become the leader of their group.


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