Pathos Verdes III
Pathos Verdes was a zealot with a wife and two sons. One day the Gods appeared in front of him and commanded him to build a temple, to house Pandora's Box, the most powerful weapon a mortal can wield. Pathos, loyal to the gods accepted the task and began his plans.

Pathos Verdes began the work building the temple. With the help of some Harpies, their riders, and the Gods, they subdued Cronos, who was cursed to wander the desert until he died. He then started to build the temple on the back of Cronos. His traps and designs were straight forward at first, but would soon become more and more difficult as he lost his mind.

While he was building the temple, his first son died, and soon after that his other son died. After their deaths, he grew insane and started to lose faith in the Gods. While he was still building it, heroes began visiting the temple and many died. These first unsuccessful heroes would be cursed and as he grew more insane he began to make the traps more elaborate and harder. Eventually, he used the bodies of his dead sons in the traps. This caused a serious problem with his wife and in an argument he stabbed her in the chest with a knife, killing her. He was still working on the temple when he killed himself, cursing the Gods.

The Temple of Pandora

The temple grows harder as the player goes on, representing the increasing insanity Verdes experiences as he builds it. He killed himself but it appears that he was planning to end the temple there as there are what appears to be unfinished sections in it. Also it gives an insight into Kratos' hatred of the Gods.

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