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Patrick Winslow is the deuteragonist of the Smurfs movies. He is the main human character of the Smurfs movie who is the husband of Grace Winslow and friends with the Smurfs. He is also the father of Blue Winslow.

Patrick is played by Neil Patrick Harris.


The Smurfs

In the beginning, Patrick is an advertising executive who works for Odile Anjelou of the Anjelou cosmetics company. He first encountered the Smurfs when Clumsy Smurf had accidentally stowed away in one of his boxes and they infiltrated his apartment by hiding in the same box that Clumsy had left. Initially Patrick found their presence rather annoying and unhelpful in his work, but he does help them in finding the "stargazer" and also in rescuing Papa Smurf from Gargamel when he got his hands on the dragon wand. Papa Smurf helps Patrick find confidence in himself as a father and a husband. In the end, he becomes a good friend to the Smurfs and becomes the father of Blue Winslow.

The Smurfs 2



  • He can sometimes be annoyed by the Smurfs' singing.
  • He is very close to Papa Smurf.
  • It is unknown why his real father left him in The Smurfs 2.
  • According to Victor, Patrick is allergic to birds.


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