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Yo! f**knuts! It's probin' time.
~ Paul
Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice.
~ Paul

Paul is the main protagonist of the 2011 science fiction film with the same name. He is an alien who seeked help from two British nerds who were traveling across the U.S. in a RV named Graeme and Clive.

He was voiced/portrayed by Seth Rogen, who also played himself in This Is The End, Mantis in Kung-Fu Panda, B.O.B in Monsters vs. Aliens, Frank in Sausage Party and Pumbaa in the 2019 remake of The Lion King.


Graeme and Clive are two best friends on vacation seeing sights such as Area 51 and other places involving outer space. They first encountered Paul in Arizona at night when leaving Comic Con the previous day. A few days later, they safely got Paul back home to outer space on his ship so the CIA wouldn't be able to bring him back to Area 51 where they planned on killing him for DNA samples.

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