Paul Bearer is The Undertaker's manager and Kane's father from the WWE shows and comics as well. He was introduced in the 1991 shows by Brother Love and he wears a Mystic Urn to give The Undertaker his spiritual powers. He appeared in WWF Chaos! Comics and WWF Battlemania as an anti-heroic protagonist when he helps The Undertaker to defeat The Embalmer and his monsters. He is one of the minor characters from 1990s and an recurring character from the late 2000s and 2010s.

In the live-action series, he mostly serves as an ally to The Undertaker, Kane and Mick Foley.

In 2004, Undertaker drowned him in cement to remove him as a weakness.

In 2010, he was killed by his son Kane, who thinks it's a dummy but ends up to be the real one.

In the 2012, he was betrayed by his son Kane, who puts him to the frozen chamber, he makes his final appearence on WWE shows.

In the 2013, Paul Bearer died from the blood clot, both The Undertaker and Kane paid their respect to their late manager, in the 2014, despite his death in 2013, he was inducted in the Hall of Fame and The Undertaker paid his respect to his manager. In 2015 in WWE Immortals, he was mentionned in the game when you pick Necromancer Undertaker, in WWE 2k15, he appeared in Path of Warrior as The Undertaker's manager and appeared in WWE 2k16 as an unlockable character when you have The Undertaker in 2k Showcase. The Undertaker discovers that Paul Bearer was his mentor and was also his friend. Despite his death in 2013, Paul Bearer continues to appear in some of WWE games as an ally to The Undertaker and Kane.

He is portrayed by the late William Moody in Live-Action Wrestling and voiced by John Morrison in WWE All Stars.

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