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Paul Kirby is the deuteragonist of Jurassic Park III. He is the ex-husband of Amanda Kirby, was the businessman who tricked Dr. Alan Grant back onto Isla Sorna to search for his son, Eric Kirby who disappeared on the island two months prior. Paul lied about being a millionaire businessman who owned the non-existent Kirby Enterprises to convince Alan Grant to join them. He admits later that he owned only a small business called Paint and Tile Plus at the West Gate Shopping Center in Enid, Oklahoma.

Jurassic Park III

Paul first appeared at the Fort Peck Lake dig site and introduced himself to Alan Grant and Billy Brennan as the rich business owner of Kirby Enterprises. He tempted them to join him and his wife at the Hell Creek Bar & Grill for dinner.

During dinner, Paul told Alan and Billy that he and his wife were adventurous, having climbed K2, rafted along the riverNile, visited the Galápagos Islands and reserved tickets for the first commercial flight to the Moon. Paul offered them one million dollars to join them on an aerial tour over Isla Sorna, and Grant took the offer.

After arriving on Isla Sorna he tells Grant that it was Cooper who knocked him out. He then tries to relay Alan's orders to stop Amanda yelling into a loudspeaker, but she doesn't realize what he is saying until after they hear a load roar. After that, Udesky and Nash return and everyone gets in the plane. Paul tries to calm Amanda by saying "It's okay, we'll just circle the island."

They never get the chance to do that though, as while the plane is taking off Cooper runs onto the runway, followed closely by a huge Spinosaurus, which the plane narrowly misses only to crash into a tree. The Spinosaurus then returns, and destroys the plane and kills Nash. Paul and the others run across a patch of grass, then back into the forest, and lose the Spinosaurus when it crashed into a tree.

After catching their breath, he and the others go through the bushes and find a dead dinosaur being eaten by a T. rex. Paul and the others ignore Dr. Grant's advice not to move and run, being chased by it. Then the group runs to see the battle of Tyrannosaurus vs Spinosaurus, but the Spinosaurus wins. Paul explains to Grant why he and Amanda wanted to go on the island: to look for their son, lost there.

Later, Alan gets separated from the group after being chased by Velociraptors and some Hadrosaurs. The Kirbys and Billy get stuck on a tree but Udesky perishes by getting killed by raptors.

Then the Kirbys and Billy meet Alan and by the Kirbys', their long lost son, Eric, is with Alan. But the Spinosaurus is there too, but the group goes into the bird cage observatory. Then, as they make their way to the river and on a bridge, the Pteranodons attack the group and Eric gets separated, but Billy rescues him and is himself pecked and taken away by the dinosaurs.

The four survivors get onboard an old boat to get to the coast. They find the satellite phone in Spinosaurus' excrements and Alan tries to call Ellie. Then, they are suddenly attacked by the Spinosaurus and Paul makes a diversion. The others believe he is dead but appears, saying that he does not intend to go anywhere.

As they try to find the coast on foot, they are ambushed by the velociraptors who claim the eggs stolen by Billy. After giving them back, the group is saved by the Marines called by Ellie and get into a helicopter that takes them far from the island.

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