To Me. To You
~ The Chuckle Brothers' most well known catchphrase

Paul Chuckle and Barry Chuckle, also known as the Chuckle Brothers, are the main protagonists of the 1987-2009 TV series ChuckleVision.

They are portrayed by real life brothers Paul Elliot and the late Barry Elliot.

Paul Chuckle

Paul chuckle

Paul is the brother of Barry Chuckle. Paul acts as the dominate of the two and usually bosses Barry into making him carry most of the work and rarely gives his brother a helping hand while Paul mostly being lazy leaving his brother doing all of the work. He is also known the to be the smartest brother usualy making sure Barry stays out of trouble or do the job probabiy, Paul at times will get angry and impatient with Barry's incomptetents, but Paul still shown dump leadership. Paul seem to have a bad case of arachnophobia when even see a spider will results in being scare and end up squashing them. Paul along Barry hate No Slacking because he always bosses them around even saying no slacking to them.

Barry Chuckle

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Barry is Paul's brother. He is the less intelligent brother and is given most of the work by Paul. If anything goes wrong, Barry would get the blame for it. Barry is more kind, polite and well-mannered than his brother Paul which could explain why most characters like him more than Paul.


  • The characters No Slacking and Getoutofit are portrayed by Jimmy and Brian Elliot (better known as The Patton Brothers), who are Paul and Barry's real life older brothers.
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