I think it's time to give Lucas a sword
Yeah, he's crazy, he's crazy

Pedro is one of the protagonists of the youtube Isolated series, he is apparently the middle brother with Nany being his older sister and Lucas his younger brother.

His voice is from Brazilian youtuber Rezendeevil or Pedro Afonso Rezende, who was a youtuber gaming gamer.

He would be the alter ego of the Brazilian youtuber, and is one of the main protagonists of the series being the number 1 protagonist.


He is a tall, white-skinned boy with black hair and white eyes. He has a medium green half coat being light and medium dark, and his t-shirt is white with stripes the same color as the coat.

His pants are dark blue with medium green stripes and gray shoes!


Pedro is a serious and brave guy, kind of funny and sometimes sentimental and when he needs to be angry he stay extremely with angry.

Pedro can also become a tremendous bossy, despite that, he has a heart of gold. Pedro is the only brother who does not know how to swim.



One of your great skills is to fight with weapons like: Sword, pick!

To fish

Another skill he has learned is fishing, he fishes until well and learned it from his uncle!

Swimming in a boat

Another very average skill of his is to use the boat to swim.


He has this ability, but he is much more very bad at swimming nearly drowning!



  • Peter is not well aware of his age, but possibly between 16 and 17
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