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Peg Pete (simply known as Peg) is the wife of Pete, the mother of P.J. and Pistol and one of the two tritagonists in the 1992-1993 Disney TV series Goof Troop. She, along with her husband, children and their dog Chainsaw live in Spoonerville next door to their high school friend Goofy Goof and his son Max (who is friends with P.J.). Unlike Pete, Peg treats the Goofs kindly and is also shown to be the one who wears the trousers in the relationship between her and Pete. For reasons unknown, Peg, along with Pistol and Chainsaw, are absent from the series's 1995 follow-up film, A Goofy Movie and it's 2000 sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie. However, one theory suggests that sometime between the end of Goof Troop and before the events of A Goofy Movie, Peg divorced Pete and took Pistol (and possibly Chainsaw) with her.

She was voiced by April Winchell.




Peg has peach coloured fur with red shoulder-length hair in a tri-do, blue eyes and a black nose. She wears a loose pink sweater that slightly shows her medium cleavage, light greyish-white skin-tight calf-length pants, crimson high-heeled pumps and gold hoop earrings.


Peg knew Pete and Goofy since high school. Afterwards, when Goofy left Spoonerville, she became close to Pete.



  • Husband - Pete
  • Son - P.J.
  • Daughter - Pistol
  • Uncle - Robert E. Lee Sparrowhawk


Peg got her name because one of Pete's nicknames/alias (the first one) was Peg Leg Pete.


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