Pegasus is a winged horse and a supporting character from Disney's Hercules. He is Hercules' noble steed.

He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Described by Zeus himself as "a magnificent horse with the brain of a bird", Pegasus' behavior mixes elements of both a noble steed and a bird. Quirky behaviors of his include clicking his tongue, whistling, and at times, perching on one of Hercules' shoulders. Pegasus also seems to possesses very high revel of power to be able to free himself from chaining by gods, stamina, speed, insight and responses keen enough to avoid sudden attacks or stray shots by gods or monsters.



Pegasus was created by Zeus using clouds as a gift for his newborn son, Hercules. That night, however, Hercules was kidnapped by Pain and Panic. Pegasus did not reunite with Hercules until the teenage boy's trip to the Temple of Zeus. Zeus summons a fully-grown Pegasus while telling Hercules of their history. Zeus describes him as: "A magnificent horse! With the brain of a bird...". Pegasus remains alongside Hercules throughout their adventures. He is not very fond of Megara probably due to his jealousy for Hercules' admiration of Megara, and is openly hostile towards her at times, particularly during flight. When Hades plots against Hercules, Pegasus is lured and captured by Pain and Panic, who have assumed the form of a female Pegasus. He is rescued by Meg, who convinces Pegasus to go find Phil. After this, Pegasus treats Meg in a more amiable manner. Presumably, Pegasus remained alongside Hercules afterward.

Hercules: The Animated Series

Pegasus tags along many of Hercules' adventures and acts as a mode of transportation. In "Hercules and the Arabian Nights", Pegasus challenges Aladdin's Magic Carpet when Hercules and Aladdin battle. After the boys learn they are merely a part of a plot from both of their enemies, they form an alliance while Pegasus and Carpet become good friends.

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