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Hero Overview

Kaalki, Full Gallop!
~ Max during his transformation into Pegasus.

Max Kanté is a supporting character from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. In season 3, he receives the Horse Miraculous from Master Fu, which, when inhabited by the kwami Kaalki, can transform him into Pegasus (Pegase in the French version), a horse-themed superhero.

He was voiced by Ben Diskin for Seasons 1 through 3 and currently voiced by Zeno Robinson for Season 4 and onwards in the English dub and Martial Le Minoux in the original French version.


As a civilian, he has brown skin, curly brown hair, and brown eyes.

As Pegasus, Max has much lighter brown braided hair, and he has dark brown half-transparent glasses. He has a full body dark brown outfit with what appears to be the Horse Miraculous on the chest. He has 2 spikes that appears to come from the shoes.


He is an intelligent and nerdy member of Mdme. Bustier's class. He is good friends with Kim.

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

Max is very smart and adept with technology, even having created Markov, a robot that possesses sentience and emotions.

As Pegasus

Pegasus has enchanted abilities like speed, strength and agility, and is almost completely immune to physical damage. His weapon is his horseshoe. His special ability is called Voyage, and allows him to create a portal to a specific location.


Season 1

In "Gamer", he is corrupted by Hawk Moth into the titular supervillain who controls a powerful, giant fighting robot.

Season 2

In "Robostus", Max created the robot Markov.

Season 3

In "Gamer 2.0", he is revealed to get akumatized again into Gamer, but this time, he traps all of the people who were previously akumatized (save for Animaestro, for an unknown reason), and challenges Ladybug and Cat Noir to win his game if they want to save them.

In "Party Crasher", Master Fu lends Max the Horse Miraculous to help defeat the titular akumatized villain, after which he presumably return it to Fu.

In "Startrain", Max receives the Horse Miraculous chronologically for the first time when his mother gets akumatized into the titular villain. He meets Kaalki for the first time.


  • He shares his first English voice actor with two kwamis, Nooroo and Sass.
    • He shares both English voice actors; Ben Diskin and Zeno Robinson with Miraculous holder Carapace.
  • His first English voice actor, Ben Diskin, also voices Shoutmon and Cutemon from Digimon Fusion, Sai from Naruto Shippuden, Eugene Horowitz from Hey Arnold! Seasons 2-5, Nigel Uno and Hoagie Gilligan from Codename: Kids Next Door, Humphrey from the Alpha and Omega sequels, Stitch from Stitch!, and Ban from Seven Deadly Sins.
  • His second English voice actor, Zeno Robinson, also voices Keigo Takami/Hawks from My Hero Academia, Goh from Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Remy Remington from Big City Greens, Garfiel Tinsel from Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, and Genya Shinazugawa from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
  • Max Kanté is the fifth person to become to a Miraculous holder who was also an akumatized villain, following Nino Lahiffe in "The Bubbler" and Alya Césaire in "Lady Wifi", Lê Chiến Kim in "Dark Cupid", Chloé Bourgeois in "Antibug", but excluding Gabriel Agreste\Hawk Moth, who akumatized himself in "The Collector" into the titular villain.
  • Pegase is the second superhero in the series whose civilian identity is known by both Ladybug and Cat Noir, the first being Queen Bee.


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