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Pegasus Seiya is the titular main protagonist of the Japanese manga and anime, Saint Seiya.

Seiya was one of the 100 orphans placed in the care of the Kido foundation. They all trained to become Saints of Athena. Though he did not want to leave his sister, Mitsumasa Kido forced them apart and brought Seiya to the Sanctuary. After defeating Cassios and earning the Pegasus Bronze Cloth, he returned to Japan to find his sister, but was attacked by Saints working for the Pope. To defeat the Pope and save the mortally wounded Athena, Seiya had to fight the Gold Saints.


Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken (ペガサス流星拳, Pegasus Meteor Fist): The Pegasus Saint's signature technique. He concentrates his cosmos in his hands and makes positions of the stars of its constellation, Pegasus. Then the saint fires several punches capable of hitting the enemy a hundred times a second, like meteors, and may even hit the enemy at long distances. If the cosmos it is high, more meteors may strike, and until the speed of light. He not only fires on his punches, but also kicks, as in the fight against Bear Geki.

Pegasus Sui Sei Ken (ペガサス彗星拳, Pegasus Comet Fist): Seiya concentrates the strength of a hundred meteors on your wrist forming an immense comet and throws himself against the enemy and in a split second a huge and powerful ball of pulsating cosmos that looks much like a comet comes and just blasting the opponent's body or not, causing huge damage. It is his strongest blow and he uses only in times of extreme hardship and despair.

Pegasus Rolling Crush (ペガサスローリングクラッシュ, Pegasasu Roringu Kurasshu): Seiya grabs the opponent, then immediately involving the two by a powerful energy, he jumps spinning in the air by projecting all this energy against the enemy throwing him to the ground with a violent force.

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