Pencilmate is the main protagonist from Pencilmation.


Pencilmate is the main character from the web series Pencilmation. He is a round bodied stickman with a blue shirt, dark blue stick legs and has a big head. Though sometimes the color of his appearance can change to whether pudgy or thinner.


Pencilmate is actually kind, goofy and helpful towards others throughout the series. He has a crush on Pencilmiss and tends to be around her without interference. Whenever he sets his goals on something, Pencilmate's determination can never be swayed via using any and all methods to accomplish it. He's also arrogant around people while in truth is cowardice at the sight of danger even though he faces them. At times, Pencilmate can even be described as greedy, power hungry, dimwitted, uncaring and a glory hog in some episodes. This is possibly because of his misfortune of being on the bottom end of things due to not having his way in life caused by the Pencil and kept loosing to such. Despite this, Pencilmate has shown to be successful in most episodes in Pencilmation as he continues on.

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