Bolt, Zoom-in!/Fetch!/Speak!
~ Penny's commands to Bolt

Penny Janice Winnie Forrester (simply known as Penny) is Bolt's owner and the secondary tritagonist of Disney's 2008 film Bolt. She is voiced by Miley Cyrus when she's a teenager, and Chloë Grace Moretz when she was a kid.


Penny is a kind-hearted and sensible teenage girl. Ever since she adopted Bolt, she cared greatly for the dog and was extremely distraught when she discovered that he ran away. However, she is constantly in odds with her agent who ignores her pleas and attempts to manipulate her into doing what he wants. She is also very caring towards animals, such as Mittens and Rhino.


Penny is an redheaded teenage girl, who has a thin body, brown eyes, and light skin complexion. She also wears a red shirt with dark brown sleeves, black shorts, black socks, and black combat boots.


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