Pepe was a minor character in the 1966 movie Manos: The Hands of Fate.

Pepe was the pet poodle of Michael, his wife Margaret, and their daughter Debbie. In 1966 Pepe accompanied his human family as they went on vacation to the El Paso, Texas area. During the long car ride Pepe kept Debbie company.

Arriving at the Valley Lodge Pepe and Debbie were glad to be out of the car, and settled down in the house. Pepe and Debbie continued to keep each other company while Debbie's parents looked uneasily at the painting of The Master and his Devil Dog. The Master's hired hand Torgo said there was nothing to worry about, that despite his earlier protests The Master wouldn't mind them spending the night.

Hearing particularly loud howling, both Margaret and Michael were greatly disturbed. Michael tentatively went outside to investigate, while Pepe, determined to protect his family, charged out to confront the howling creature. Pepe found and confronted the Devil Dog, but was no match for the larger and more powerful dog.

Michael found Pepe's body a short time later and took the remains out into the desert to properly dispose of them. Margaret was horrified when Michael told her that Pepe was dead and started crying while demanding to know what sort of place they had wound up at. After calming down she was unsure how Debbie would react to the loss of her favorite poodle.


  • Pepe was played by director, producer, and actor Harold P. Warren's dog.
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