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Bebee, You little
~ Pepee to Bebee
Zulu you honeybunny.
~ Pepee chuckling at Zulu at the end of

A Surprise for Zulu

We will be preparing a amazing Dinner. Just as I explained earlier.
~ Pepee answers Zezee what they should do next in Surprise Pary
What would Bibii say if he sees us right now?
~ Pepee in taunting tone in Surprise Party

Pepee is a 5 year old boy from Turkish animated series with the same name. He was made by the company Dusyeri and his English dub was released in Amazon Prime.


Pepee is energetic 5 year old boy. He's (as well as other characters.) is generally happy. He also likes his scooter. However when Bebee breaks his favorite scooter in Episode 2. He got very upset and angry at Bebee. But soon regret it when  Bebee repaired his scooter.In sharing is great he was very happy and excited that he was going to Bibii's House. But when Bibii took his toys from his hand he become unhappy. Despite all this sad moments though. He still forgives his friends and loves them

Powers and skills

Intelligence: In most episodes Pepee uses his mind and pays attention on everything he has to learn.

Wrestling: In Go Go Pehlivan. He learned how to wrestle with his friend Bibii.

Strong anger: In some episodes when things go wrong. Pepee becomes upset and turns angry. His anger even break his sister's heart sometimes.

Psychial appereance

Pepee is a 1920 styled CGI animated human with dark black spotted eyes a drawn mouth ears, five fingers and a small nose. 

His attire is Blue overralls,Blue pants and blue shoes with short sleeves. With blue cap that says Pepee he usually wears it backwards.

In season 1. He wore a red overalls with red jumpsuit and a red cap.

In season 2 his attire is similar to Season 3 He wore blue overalls white shoes,Long sleeves and blue cap that says Pepee on it.

 Relationships and Interactions

  • Susuu: Susuu is the main offscreen talker of the show (Who acts like a fourth wall) and is always there to comfort Pepee and sing a song with him as well to other characters
  • Shila:Shila is Pepee's cousin, She was hanging out with him ever since  Season 1. In Season 1 and 2 there were been some episodes where he and Shila argue but by events of Season 3 He and Shila never argue or have a altercation.
  • Bebee:Is Pepee's little sister as well as the 3rd protagonist and star of the show. She really loves her big brother. But like most siblings. There are some episodes where they argue. In My Heart is Broken She accidentally broke his scooter by crashing into a rock. So Pepee blames her angrily and says he doesn't love her. Which breaks Bebee's heart. Later they got made up at the end when Bebee says that she fixed her brother's scooter. He apologizes to her.
  • Zulu,Maymus and Kopus: They are Pepee's mute animal friends. They will follow him on his adventures and mostly get along with hİm.
  • Zezee: Pepee's First human best friend. They first met each other in the episode Pepee's New Friend Zezee He helped Her by fixing her bike with Zulu And ever since then they become friends.They even hang out with each other paint marbles,Play tag etc.

However there's only one episode Pepee and Zezee ever fought in schoolyard.In the Episode A Game Of Pirates Pepee and Zezee argue over a tag game when Zezee said she quit. Zezee furiously slapped him across the face but quickly regret it. And their teacher made them made up.

  • Bibii: Is one of Pepee's closest friends, He first met Pepee in I missed you. Ever since then they become friends. And Bibii joined the gang.

Although they get along most of the time. There's been some episodes. Where Pepee and Bibii don't get along.

In Surprise PartyHe got very livid at Pepee. Assuming Pepee not wanting Bibii to join in party his friends having in the yard.

In Bibii Upsets Ekee Pepee and Bebee snapped sense at Bibii that making Ekee sad was wrong. Because he's too young. Bibii scolded Ekee for mixing up the numbers.

In Sharing is Great He invited Pepee to play with his toys, However when Susuu told Them that Bibii and he should play with the toys. Bibii snatched every toy he laid his hand on. Including his favorite squeaky teddy bear Yayaa

Despite all this he still likes Pepee and most of his friends.

  • Kekee:Is a disabled child and one of Pepee's best friend. In the episode Score the Basket He taught Pepee to how to play Basketball.
  • Mimii: He and Mimii does not interact very much. But they are friends.
  • Duduu: Is a blonde ballerina dancer who was introduced in the episode Duduu the Ballerina. She taught Pepee and Bebee new dance style and they became friends after one night celebration.
  • Tutuu: Is one of Pepee's friends. He met him face to face in the episode Patience Patience. He was even impressed by his piano playing in A Grumpy Captain and He and others were invited to Pepee's preparation for party in Surprise Party
  • Tetee: A red haired girl that Pepee met only in Movie. He and she get along.
  • Birii: Pepee dislikes Biri. Because Birii Abducts Him along with Bebee,Maymus and Tetee in the Movie.


  • Some viewers thought Pepee was an inspriation to the Spanish 2005 character, Pocoyo.
  • He is the first animated character to made in Turkey.
  • He is always cheerful.