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Percival is the Guardian Bakugan of Ace Grit from the sequel of Bakugan Battle Brawlers called Bakugan New Vestroia, he is a humanoid dragon-like knight with two dragon's heads on his hands. He is one of the main protagonists of the shows, Percival makes his first appearence in Facing Ace when he fights Drago, but he became Drago's friend and he helps him to free Bakugans from the Vestals.

As Percival

Percival first appeared battling Drago The battle ended in a draw.

he later battled alongside Shun Kazami and Ingram in the Vexos Tournament against The Dark Angels. Although their initial inability to work together almost led to their defeat, they put aside their differences to win against their opponents.

In the finals he and Ingram fought Brontes and Altair, he ends up battling Mega Brontes. Although Brontes seems to overpower him, it was just an act, and Percival beats Brontes so the Resistance could have enough power to make the Alpha City Dimension Controller reach critical mass, allowing it to be destroyed. Upon the Controller's destruction, Percival and the other Bakugan regained their physical form.

Ace was lured out by Shadow Prove's trap, and ended up fighting Mylene and Elico. They were easily defeated by Mylene, who captured him. The episode revealed Percival's history with Ace; Ace, rumored to be a powerful brawler, was sought out by Mira Fermin When she defeated Ace, she gave Percival to him, and there Ace learned that Bakugan were intelligent creatures.

soon it is shown that he was with Ace, trapped in a pod.

In Beta City when Ace and the others were freed, their Bakugan were out of the belts. They were informed that Drago and Nemus broke the Beta City Dimension Controller. Percival and the rest of the Resistance Bakugan returned to physical form and escaped.

In Gama City he and Neo Dragonoid battled against Mira and Gus Grav, who were using mechanical trap Bakugan. Although they were having troble, they were able to win with superior skills and with Mira's assistance.

As Knight Percival

Percival has been evolved by the Attribute Energy of Exedra. He wears a sword to defeat his opponents, he has also his shield to protect itself from rivals' attacks.


  • He is based on Percival, a knight from the movie Excalibur with King Arthur because of the similiar name of this character.
  • As one Darkus Bakugan, he is one exception for other Darkus Bakugan who are the redeemed villains like Hydranoid, Helios (formerly, a Pyrus Bakugan) and Linehalt.


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