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Perry is a talking parasol (possibly a human who was transformed into one) found by Princess Peach in the 2005 video game Super Princess Peach. He is an anthropomorphic object used by Princess Peach to attack enemies.


Perry has many abilities in the game. Sometimes on the top screen, Perry talks to the player about what he or she is doing. For example, if Perry is saying to use the stylus on boss stages, the player has the option of beating the stage or skipping it.

After beating a boss, a cutscene will show Perry dreaming about the past days with Grandpa. The last dream shows that Bowser was the criminal who kidnapped Grandpa.

It is unknown if Perry turned back into a human once the player has defeated Bowser.

Other Games

Super Smash Bros.


  • Bowlbrella - allows Princess Peach to move across water.
  • Chargebrella - boosts shot when holding the Attack button.
  • Dashbrella - gets swung to attack enemies in the player's path.
  • Floatbrella - allows Princess Peach to float for a little bit.
  • Slidebrella - allows Princess Peach to slide on wires.
  • Subrella - travels underwater and shoots enemies when the player blows into the Mic.
  • Poundbrella - stuns enemies.
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