Perseus (WO4)

Perseus, also known as Loki, is a character in the Warriors Orochi series, a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors video game series. He is the son of Zeus and the mortal Danae.


When Perseus resisted Zeus's conspiracy by entering Orochi's dimensional realm. This forces Athena was showed up to pursue him. Although he seems to have provided helped to humans and unwillingly manipulated them under Odin's orders. Only his true identity was revealed as Loki, the Norse god of deception and mischief.

In some cases, Loki could not stand this situation and to avenge Odin because they were murdered their fellow Norse friends during Ragnarok, but Loki was considered one of the survivors. Before the coalition's final battle defeated Odin, Loki really wants to make all the requirements and his entrusted information to one of the his real mortal friends, Yukimura Sanada, who was known to stop Odin's evil plan and avenge the death of Loki's best friends.

At the last battle, Loki would be able to sacrifice himself and defeat Odin so that the coalition can facing the fallen All-Father of Norse Gods once and for all. After the battle was victory, Athena, Ares, and Zeus were returned to Olympus.


  • He is the mythical figure who debuted in Warriors Orochi 4.
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