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Pete, (also known as Peg Leg Pete) is a giant anthropomorphic cat who is the main antagonist of the Mickey Mouse franchise. He is mostly the arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse, and the rival of Donald Duck and Goofy.

Despite usually appearing in the Mickey Mouse universe, Pete appeared in Disney series Alice Comedies, and the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons before the first appearance of Mickey Mouse. Because of this, Pete is considered the oldest recurring character to appear in Disney. He is also the owner of Butch the Bulldog as revealed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Voice actors

  • He was voiced by the late Walt Disney in 1928 until 1929
  • In 1930-1933, he was voiced by the late Pinto Colvig.


Walt Disney is well-known for disliking cats, so, because of that, the most recurring feline character he created, named Pete, is almost always shown to be no-good. He can be called a schemer, a monster, a thief and an evil guy, but he is not always a villain. He has done a lot of heroic acts.

Heroic Acts

  • In a video game called Mickey's Speedway USA for Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color, Pete helped Mickey and the gang to save Pluto from being kidnapped by the weasels.
  • In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he is shown to be one of Mickey's friends who is helping him a lot of times. He was also one of the superheroes in the episode, Super Adventure, as he helped Mickey and his friends stop Megamort (who is actually Mortimer Mouse).
  • In the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, Mickey's Mousekeball, he saved Donald Duck from a plunger.
  • In House Of Mouse episode "Pete's Christmas Caper", he saved Minnie from Mortimer Mouse, who is forcing girls to kiss him.
  • In Goof Troop, he saved Max, P.J. and Pistol many times.
  • In the comics, he is more diabolic, but sometimes helps Mickey, when the threat is worse than he is.


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  • Pete's wife Peg got her name because one of Pete's names was Peg Leg Pete, and his daughter Pistol got her name because one of Pete's names was Pistol Pete.
  • Mickey and Pete's relationship mirror that of Batman and the Joker.
  • He is the oldest Disney character to still be used today.

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