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~ Peter McCallister after realizing that his money was spent on room service

Peter McCallister is the father of Kevin McCallister and is a supporting protagonist in the first two Home Alone films and the tritagonist in the fourth Home Alone film.

He was played by the late John Heard in the first two films while Jason Beghe played him in the fourth film.

Home Alone 1 & 2

He is first seen wondering how men shave in France while his wife, Kate is on the phone before Kevin comes in and asks why won't his Uncle Frank watch a gangster film. After Kevin got into a fight with Buzz for stealing his pizza, he orders Kevin to go to the third floor as punishment before Kate takes Kevin upstairs and Kevin wishes to make his family disappear. After the family made it just in time for their flight to Paris, he responds to Kate, what else they could be forgetting and Kate finds out that they forgot Kevin. In France, while Kate is trying to find a U.S. phone to call Kevin, he and his brother, Frank were left in charge. After Kevin finally got Harry and Marv arrested, he and the family arrived home for Christmas as Kevin tells him he went shopping and hung around as Peter becomes surprised before he finds Harry's gold tooth and wonders where did it come from.

In the sequel, Peter finds his batteries and resets the clock by accident. After Buzz tricks Kevin by using two candlesticks and Kevin pushes Buzz, he, Kate and Leslie find out that Kevin fought Buzz again and Peter warns Kevin if he leaves the room, he'll have to sleep on the third floor with his cousin Fuller before Kevin wishes to have his own vacation again. After he and the family arrived in Florida, he finds out that Kevin and his bag are missing after getting Kevin's bag. He and Kate realize that Kevin could be lost somewhere and Peter realizes that his wallet is missing. After Kate gets a call saying that Kevin is found and used Peter's credit card to check in the Plaza hotel, but has ran away from the Plaza hotel, he, Kate and the family arrive to New York and he and the family decided to rent a room before Kate decides to find Kevin alone. Towards the end of the film, Buzz gives Peter the bill and Peter becomes infuriated after discovering that Kevin spent a lot of money on room service.


  • Most fans widely criticize Peter for not calling out his brother Frank when he calls Kevin "little jerk". When asked about this during the film's 30th anniversary, Chris Columbus stated that in retrospective, he would have had Peter asking Frank to shut up if he made the movie today.


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