If you hadn't saved me… Well, I owe you everything, Jesse.
~ Petra to Jesse if the latter chose to save her instead of Gabriel.
But I want to be there for you guys…
~ Petra to Jesse, Olivia and Axel if she has Wither Sickness and Jesse tells her to rest.
No way. No way! I am not leaving here without him! So, do you punks want to do this the easy way, or the way where I punch all of you?!
~ Petra to the YouTubers when they once again falsely accuse Lukas of being a serial killer.

Petra is the tritagonist in the Minecraft Story Mode series, appearing as the tritagonist later deuteragonist in the 2015 videogame Minecraft: Story Mode and returns in the 2017 sequel, Minecraft: Story Mode: Season Two as the deuteragonist.

She is voiced by Ashley Johnson.



Petra is one of Jesse's best friends. They have known each other for a long time. She often makes deals with different people.

Minecraft: Story Mode

The Order of the Stone

She was hired by Ivor to get a Wither skull to trade for a diamond. When she and Jesse went to the trade, Ivor scammed them both by giving them lapis lazuil instead of a diamond. They and the whole gang ran after Ivor up to the EnderCon convention where Gabriel the Warrior was answering questions.


Petra is shown to be brave, stubborn, sarcastic, impulsive and sometimes aggressive, but she can also be caring, friendly, supporting and loyal. Petra is shown to be closer to Jesse than anyone else. She is always ready to protect her friends when danger is closing in.

When she is making deals with people she is always loyal to them, which is shown that she can be too trusting sometimes. However, as implied by Lukas's quote; "Whoa, EVERYBODY knows you don't mess with Petra. Not if you know what's good for you.", Petra is not someone to be trifled with, and people know it.

As said earlier, Petra can be quite aggressive and hostile to her enemies, as shown by her interactions with Ivor in Epsiodes 1 and 2, her arguments with The Youtubers who falsely believed Lukas to be a serial killer and her interactions with Aiden and Hadrian. She is openly hostile and is quick to fight with them.



  • Petra is voiced by Ashley Johnson, who plays the role of Gwen Tennyson in the Ben 10 series (from Alien Force to Omniverse). Both charecters have the same role as the hero's support. They also have the same hair color.
  • Petra, along with Jesse, Lukas, and Ivor (arguably, as he doesn't have any lines in Episode 3) are the only characters in Minecraft: Story Mode to appear in every episode.


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