Petra Hammerhold is a supporting character in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode, "The Plasma Monster". She is Senator Hammerhold's daughter. She is in a relationship with Plasma Boy and currently training to become a Space Ranger.

She was voiced by Nikki Cox.


Petra is the rebellious teenage daughter of Senator Hammerhold. When she started dating Plasma Boy, her father was enraged and kept asking if their kids would be either plasma or solid. To keep her away from Plasma Boy, he sent her off to the Space Ranger Academy on the other side of the quadrant. But before she left, Petra and her boyfriend hatched a secret plan to "kidnap" her so she wouldn't have to go with her father's attempt to "fix her". When she met Buzz and his crew, Booster developed a huge crush on her and tried to impress her by showing her around the ship and telling her that being a Space Ranger isn't really that bad. Petra, realizing that Booster has a crush on her despite her being with Plasma Boy, tells him that people shouldn't hide their feelings. Sure enough, Plasma Boy, in his monstrous form, manages to bring the ship down on an icy planet and "kidnaps" her. Just as Plasma Boy is about to attack Booster and Buzz, his girlfriend stops him and he shrinks down to his normal size, saying sorry to her because he got adrenalized and stuff. Buzz and Booster were shocked to hear that Plasma Boy was Petra's boyfriend.

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