Petunia Rhubarb is one of the secondary characters in VeggieTales and one of the main characters in its spinoff series VeggieTales in the House and VeggieTales in the City. She is an anthropomorphic rhubarb who is often portrayed as the girlfriend of Larry.

She is voiced by Cydney Trent in the original series from 2005-2014, and by Tress MacNeille in the spinoff series and in the original series since Noah's Ark and currently by Kira Buckland in The VeggieTales Show.



Petunia Rhubarb first appeared in the special Duke and the Great Pie War, in which she portrayed the princess of the kingdom called Rhubarb the vegetable she portrays in the series. She flees the kingdom after her mother-in-law is declared an enemy by Otis, and moves to the Kingdom of Scone, where Duke (Larry) lives. After Duke defeats Otis in battle, Petunia Rhubarb marries Duke so that he can love and protect her for the rest of their lives.

Since then, she is often portrayed as a the girlfirend or love interest of Larry the Cucumber in nearly all of her appearances and incarnations, including The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: The Movie.

VeggieTales in the House

Petunia plays a bigger role in this series, as she is now one of the main characters. Here, it reveals more abutter actual character than in the previous incarnation, such as her hobby of gardening and the fact that she owns her own floral shop in the town.




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