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Ill be your guide along the way, but coming back, I won't play! I'll show you the only way to go, so follow me and don't be slow!
~ The Phantom Guide to Link

The Phantom Guide is a minor protagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is a Poe ghost who lives in the Haunted Wasteland, part of the Gerudo Desert and an area adjacent to the infamous Desert Colossus. But in the Ocarina of Time 3Ds version, he is actually an Big Poe ghost rather than a normal Poe.


It is unknown how the Guide became a Poe - it is stated that Poes are spirits full of malice, but this Poe Guide is never bitter or evil at all, he is merely there to help travellers, suggesting maybe he has unfinished business such as protecting the Desert. It is possible he died while escorting travellers to the Colossus, and thus vowed to serve people even in death.


The Phantom Guide is first seen when Link is adult and he acquires the Lens of Truth by finishing the Bottom of the Well as a kid. An inviting sign on a desert ruin says "Those with the Eye of Truth will be guided to the Spirit Temple by an inviting ghost." Link gets the Lens of Truth out and when viewing it he sees a friendly Poe cackling above him, which flies off saying he'll be his guide.

The Poe's trail is very complex and uses many sandstorms and Leevee enemies which burrow out to attack Link fruitlessly. Link gets through the trail by wearing the Lens of Truth at all times to see his Guide and keeping a fast pace. When turning a corner the Guide will reappear in front of Link. Following his lantern, Link eventually gets to the Colossus, where the spirit vanishes, presumably to guide some other pilgrims over.


Along with the Poe shopkeeper, the Phantom Guide is one of the only good Poes in the game and the Zelda universe in general.



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