Justice rains from above!
~ Pharah using her Ultimate

Pharah (real name: Fareeha Amari) is one of the main protagonists and playable character in the video game Overwatch. She is an Egyptian soldier and a security chief at Helix Security International. She descends from a long line of warriors and soldiers, including her mother Ana.

She is Japanese versions, voiced by Romi Park and English versions, voiced by Jen Cohn.


Fareeha Amari is the daughter of Ana Amari, one of Overwatch's founders and expert snipers. Though their relationship was strained, Fareeha still took after her and wanted to join Overwatch. She was taught by Ana how to fight and how to protect her loved ones. She enlisted in the Egyptian military and rose through the ranks, but Overwatch was disbanded before she could join. Her mother was also declared dead in a hostage rescue mission before.

Helix Security International gave Fareeha a new job guarding the Giza Plateau, where the God Program Anubis was quarantined. Fareeha, now using the call sign "Pharah", received training in the Raptora Mark VI combat suit, and eventually became lieutenant of her squadron.

In Mission Statement, Anubis managed to break free, and Pharah's squadron was sent in to disable it. Though they were successful, much of the squadron died in the fight, including its captain, Khalil. Pharah was promoted to captain as a result.

Recently, Pharah received a letter from her thought-to-be-dead mother, explaining to her about Ana's story and why her mother had gone missing for a decade. They seemed to be reconciled, based on the conversation between them ingame.


Pharah is loyal and honorable, holding duty above all else. She's strictly determined willing to keep the peace no matter what. However, Pharah is a bit arrogant at times, as she claims to "always get her prey." Before the events of Mission Statement, Pharah never really knew which was more important: completing the mission or protecting her team. However, after dealing with Anubis, she learned to preserve both the innocent and her team more generally, and grew even more resolute to follow in her mother's footsteps.Even though she never got the chance to join Overwatch, she seems to be fan of them, judging by her conversation of telling Reinhardt about the poster of him on her wall.

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