We the Bosses. We the Bosses
~ Phil after Carlos takes of the Easter Factory

Phil is the second-in-command later leader of the Easter Chicks and a major character in the 2011 film, Hop.

He is voiced by Hank Azaria (who also voices [[1]] and Bartok).


Phil is first seen at the start of the film working in the Easter Factory whilst dancing to music, much to the annoyance of the head chick Carlos.

20 years later, Phil is seen in E.B.'s room dancing whilst E.B. plays the drums. He quickly leaves when E.B.'s father and the current Easter Bunny Mr. Bunny comes in to question E.B. on why he isn't preparing to become the next Easter Bunny in a few moments.

After E.B. runs away to Hollywood to become a drummer, Phil is seen with several other chicks painting eggs.

Having grown tired of serving under Mr. Bunny, Carlos declares to Phil and the other chicks that he will be the new ruler of Easter. When Phil says that they should wait for E.B. to come back, Carlos asks him that if he likes E.B. so much, why doesn't he marry him. Phil is later seen helping Carlos train.

After Carlos takes over the Easter Factory, Phil and the other chicks attack Mr. Bunny and give his staff The Egg of Destiny to Carlos. After Carlos has Mr. Bunny and E.B.'s human friend Fred O'Hare tied above a vat of hot liquid candy, Phil asks to hold the Egg of Destiny or at least touch it, to which an annoyed Carlos hits him with the Egg of Destiny.

After Carlos mutates into a chick/rabbit hybrid (as the staff can only be wielded by a rabbit) and attempts to fly away in the Easter Bunny's Egg Sleigh, Phil attempts to direct the Egg Sleigh with light up wands.

However the plan fails as E.B. (knowing of Phil's love of dancing) does a drumming session, causing Phil to dance and give the wrong signals which makes Carlos to crash the Egg Sleigh.

After E.B. and Fred become Co-Easter Bunnies, Phil reforms becomes the new head chick and is seen with Carlos (still in his hybrid form) pulling the Egg Sleigh.



  • Oddly, Phil and the other chicks do not age at all throughout the film, despite a chick being the infant stage of a chicken. The reason could be that Phil and the other chicks are kept young by magic or that chicks are another symbol of Easter.
  • Alhough he is a major protagonist, Phil is Carlos' best friend, but he reforms himself at the end of the film, being the new head chick.


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