Phil Timper

Phil Timper is a supporting character in the Spawn comics and he was the Second host of The Redeemer.


Phil Timper was constantly in and out of juvenile detention from early on. He was finally convicted and incarcerated for two years for grand theft auto. While doing time in prison, he gave himself completely to the LORD's bidding, and eventually after being released, became a model citizen over the course of 11 years married with wife and kids. He was training to be a minister at the local church before being abducted by Angel Stationand imbued with Elemental Fireto become the next Redeemer. Upon order, he tracked and retrieved Bobby for heavan. He was the first example to ever have been resurrected by magic given to him by a Hellspawn.

When Spawn infiltrated Terran Affairs Headquarters to retrieve his friend, he found Phil Timper as the Redeemer even more powerful than Jason Wynn. After having his arm sliced off, Phil's body began spewing pure Elemental Fire. The building floor was exploded with a Necroplasm bomb as Spawn escaped with his friend while Phil returned to earth hospitalized with no memory of what happened.

Phil Timper as the Redeemer

Phil Timper as the Redeemer.

Powers and Abilities

As the Redeemer Phil Possess superhuman strength,speed,and stamina plus durablity. He posses flight and telportaion as well as shooting energy beams.

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