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Phil Wenneck is the protagonist in The Hangover, the deuteragonist of The Hangover Part II, and a main character of The Hangover Part III. He is best friends with Stu Price and Alan Garner. He is a married man and a prep school teacher who misses being single and young.

Despite his arrogant and crude personality, Phil cares for and watches out for his friends. He encourages Stu to break up with his abusive girlfriend in the first movie and helps him stand up to his disapproving father-in-law in the second film.

He is played by Bradley Cooper who also voiced Rocket Raccoon.


Phil has a wife, Stephanie and two kids, Eli and Vicky. Occasionally, Phil is selfish and seemingly hates his life. Phil loves bachelor parties and was angry when Stu didn't want one. Instead, they had a bachelor brunch, upsetting Phil. Selfish and jerky at times, he is charismatic and cares about his friends. Phil is sometimes a jerk to Stu, especially about Stu saying he is a real doctor. Stu said that Phil drives great drunk. Phil always wakes up on the ground after their drunken escapades. Phil usually wears shades during their quests. Phil is always the joker and laughs at the worst things that happen to his friend when they wake up. Phil is also a school teacher and even insults his students; he may have even faked a field trip to get money for the trip to Vegas. Phil was the only one person who extremely hated Melissa, because she was mean and controlling (she would boss Stu around on a regular basis.) He thought Stu proposing to her was a mistake. In the end, Phil was proud of Stu when he finally stood up to Melissa and dumped her. Throughout the craziness, Phil is wild, careless, chaotic, easy-going, laidback and intelligent.

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