Phileas Fogg is the main protagonist of Jules Verne's novel Around the World in 80 Days. He is the one who made a bet (with money) that he could travel around the world in eighty days. He has a replacement butler named Passepartout, and at one point, while traveling, he rescues Princess Aouda from being burned with her dead husband.


Phileas has an kind-hearted personality who cares for others' welfare


Phileas Fogg is first seen testing out his latest invention in the garden of his mansion with his French valet, Jean Michel (whom he mistakenly calls Pierre). He tends to prove that man can break the 50-mph speed barrier without disrupting his internal organs. When he states to Jean Michel that they "will make history or die trying," Jean Michel gets fed up and refuses to be catapulted, electrocuted, or have his internal organs disrupted any longer and quits Fogg. Jean Michel refers to his former master as "a very sick man." As Jean Michel leaves, Fogg reminds Jean Michel that the electrocution wasn't his fault since he refused to wear the rubber underpants.

When Mr. Fogg rhetorically asks himself "if there is no man brave enough to be his valet," his prayer is answered when a Chinese named Lau Xing, who robbed the bank of England earlier in the day and was hiding in a tree of his home, accidentally slips from the tree and drops on the ground next to Fogg. Lau Xing finally takes the opportunity of being Mr. Fogg's new valet as an advantage to evade the police authorities. However, Mr. Fogg only accepts French valets so Lau Xing begins persuading him that he is French from his "French" father's side and that his mother's Chinese and "never shuts up." When Mr. Fogg finally accepts Lau Xing and asks him if he's willing to take the risk of breaking the 50-mph speed barrier, Lau Xing agrees as long as it means avoiding the police.

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