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Sometimes a man will tell his bartender things he'll never tell his doctor.
~ Boyce on being a bartender.

Doctor Philip Boyce was a secondary character from the Star Trek pilot episode The Cage.

He was portrayed by the late John Hoyt.

Born in New York City on Earth in the early 23rd century, Boyce became a doctor and an officer in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet. In the late 2240s he was assigned as a doctor on the USS Enterprise for the ship's first five year mission. In 2251 he was named the chief medical officer of the Enterprise, having succeeded Sarah Poole-April as CMO after she and her husband Captain Robert April left the Enterprise.

Boyce quickly became friends with the new CO, Captain Christopher Pike. He and the Captain would offer share drinks together, and discussed their problems and concerns with each other. After Pike fell into a Kaylar ambush that cost the lives of several of his crew, Boyce realized that Pike was still having trouble dealing with the emotional fallout and recommended that Pike take some vacation time.

When Pike was captured by the Talosians, Boyce expressed his view to the other crew that with the Talosian's mental capacities they couldn't be sure of anything, and was proven right when it appeared that blasting their way into the Talosian compound was unsuccessful, but in reality had been quite successful.

After Pike returned to the Enterprise, he remarked to Boyce that he felt better. After Yeoman Colt asked Pike who would've been Eve, Boyce approached to ask Pike if she had meant Eve as in Adam and Eve. Pike responded that all ship's doctors were dirty old men. Despite the brave face Pike had put on for his crew, Boyce was still concerned that Pike, Colt, and Number One were dealing with psychological trauma. While Pike refused treatment, Boyce was able to have Colt and Number One treated for PTSD.

In the 2250s Boyce became the unwilling host of the consciousness of a deceased patient, who had been an escaped prisoner on the run. After Boyce was forced by this patient to kill a local businessman on Neydra Prime t, the prisoner's consciousness was discovered in Boyce's mind, and was finally excised from Boyce's mind.

By 2259 Boyce had been suceeded by Jabilo M'Benga as Enterprise CMO. Boyce then became the CMO of Starbase 32 before returning to Earth to take on a post an instructor at Starfleet Academy. He was succeeded as the CMO of the Enterprise by Doctor Mark Piper and then by Leonard McCoy.

Alternate Reality

Boyce also existed in the alternate reality, and by the 2260s was a doctor at Starfleet Medical on Earth. He was assigned as the primary physician for James T. Kirk while Kirk was recovering from his encounter with Khan.