Battle is not simulation. It's blood and screams and funerals. I thought you better than that. We don't start shooting on a hunch. And we don't take innocent lives, period.
~ Georgiou, on battle.

Philippa Georgiou was a human female introduced in the Star Trek: Discovery pilot The Vulcan Hello.

She was portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, who also portrayed Georgiou's mirror universe counterpart.

At Starfleet Academy Georgiou was a classmate of Christopher Pike. Pike later remarked that Georgiou was the sharpest tool in the shed, who had been able to drink him and their fellow cadets under the table but learned every regulation within two weeks of classes beginning.

In the 2230s Georgiou was a Lieutenant on the USS Archimedes when she convinced the Federation to allow her to rescue a young Kelpian named Saru from his homeworld.

Georgiou worked with Gabriel Lorca in an attempt to hunt down Kodos the Executioner and bring him to justice. By 2249 she had reached the rank of Captain and commanded the USS Shenzhou. Even by then she had been a highly decorated officer. In 2249 she welcomed Michael Burnham on board her ship, who eventually became her friend and first officer.

In 2256 she and Burnham participated in a mission to repair damage to a planet's water table to help the indigenous culture survive. During the mission she expressed her belief that Burnham was ready for her own command. After returning to the Shenzhou Georgiou took her ship to a binary system at the edge of Federation space to investigate why a beacon had gone off line.

There Georgiou encountered a group of Klingons led by T'Kuvma. Despite Burnham's insistence, Georgiou refused to open fire on the Klingons without provocation, and was forced to place her friend under arrest when Burnham tried to seize command of the Shenzhou. Georgiou later wondered if she had missed something while trying to get inside the shell Burnham had drawn around herself.

Georgiou and Burnham later slipped aboard T'Kuvma's flagship in an attempt to capture him. Georgiou died in combat against T'Kuvma, who was in turn shot and killed by Burnham. Burnham was unable to retrieve the Georgiou's body before she was beamed away by the Shenzhou.

A funeral was held on Earth for Georgiou following the battle. Meanwhile the Klingons consumed her body out of revenge for the death of T'Kuvma. She was later rated as one of the most distinguished Captains in Starfleet history, along with Robert April, Christopher Pike, Matthew Decker, and Jonathan Archer.

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