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Well, I think snakes are the most misunderstood reptiles...my favorite movie vacillates between Deliverance or anything by Rob Reiner...and I'm late.
~ Phoebe explaining her three things about herself to the peers in the classroom.
I'm nine days late. And Goddamn it, I was on the fence, but I think I might keep it now. Because, looking...at all of your beautiful faces, I... (EXHALES) I'm just so overcome with optimism for our future... I just wanna f*cking scream.(CHUCKLES). (HIGH-PITCHED SCREAM). (SCREAMING CONTINUES). (EXHALES).
~ Phoebe explaining her excuses about why she is late to class.

Phoebe Atwell is the supporting protagonist from The Babysitter film series. She is the deuteragonist of the 2020 sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen. She is Cole's girlfriend and a new popular girl in high school.

She is portrayed by Jenna Ortega who plays as Harley Diaz (Stuck in the Middle), Princess Isabel (Elena of Avalor), and Brooklynn (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous).


As a girl with a wounded past, Phoebe has hardened up considerably, much of her personality characterized by the emotional arm's distance she keeps people at. Therefore, she shows a hard-edged, bored, rebellious, apathetic, threatening side of herself most of the time, accompanied by a dry, dull wit. She even makes up alarming lies about herself, such as being pregnant, to keep people away. Nevertheless, she is an example of why a book cannot be judged by its cover. Underneath, she is caring, sentimental, and in dire need of a friend. She is courageous, calm under pressure, and takes horrifying circumstances in stride, which is very useful for the situation she and Cole land in. By the end of the movie, the outer part of her personality is mostly abandoned as she falls in love with Cole.


Early Life-

Phoebe was born to her two loving parents and lived a normal life for only her first six years. One day while at their lake house, Phoebe was leaving with her babysitter when she realized she had left her irreplaceable stuffed bunny back at the house.

Phoebe at six years old

On their way back to get it, their car collided head on with another car carrying her parents, who were bringing the bunny to her. Both cars careened off the road, down a cliffside, and into the lake below. Thrown violently from the car, Phoebe was hospitalized and in critical condition, along with the babysitter. Her parents were both killed. Phoebe eventually recovered, but her life became a steady downward spiral. For years, she hopped from social worker to social worker, hearing the same dried-up, trite "it's not your fault" speeches, and even made a few trips to juvie. The state eventually declared her an at-risk student and placed her in the guardian angel program, where she ended up at the same school as Cole and Melanie. Haunted by the belief that her parents would still be alive if she hadn't gone back for her bunny, Phoebe withdrew into herself and pushed everyone away, allowing others to come up with whatever rumors about her they wanted to. Some even claimed that she butchered her parents.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen:

Phoebe's unforgettable introduction

Phoebe is first seen when she transfers to Cole's school and enters his literature class accompanied by the principal and a lion mascot. At the principal's request, Phoebe reveals a few random facts about herself including her being nine days late, indicating she is most likely pregnant and seriously considering keeping this one. She notes dryly the positive energy in the room and facetiously expresses optimism for the future so much so that she wants to scream. With that, she lets loose an earsplitting scream in the middle of the classroom, startling everyone. The principal leaves hastily and Phoebe takes the seat from a red-haired football player.

Later that week, she opens her locker (after waggishly rebuffing Diego's advances) and finds her long lost stuffed bunny, missing an eye with a fortune cookie-like piece of paper in the empty eyehole saying "It ends tonight" and a set of lucky numbers on the back. There is also a set of keys with a tag saying "home sweet home" that sparks an old memory for her.

That Friday, she hitches a ride on a big rig to the school lake party, heads straight for her jet ski and rides out to her lake house, intending to spend the weekend alone. Later that night, she is out again but her jet ski starts running low on gas. She pays a visit to the nearest house boat to ask for gas and slides the door open to find some of her classmates and some other people she's never seen before. One of her classmates, Cole, points his finger at her and accuses her of being in on some cult. Phoebe then takes notice of Boom-Boom lying on the floor with her throat torn out and realizes what has gone down. Coolly noting their penchant for "heavy cosplay", she leaves. Before she can drive away, Cole jumps on to her jet ski with her, desperately urging her to go. As they speed away, Max fires a harpoon after them and punctures the gas tank.

"'We' are not a thing."

The two of them speed to a steep bank on the other side of the lake where an alarmed Phoebe asks Cole to fill her in. He explains the blood cult to her and how they need his blood for their ritual to get whatever they desire but that they'll be okay if they can survive until morning since the ritual must be completed before sunrise. He also explains how some of them have come back to life and were after him two years prior. Phoebe is relieved they aren't zombies but still wants no part of it and tries to leave but Cole insists they stick together, warning her that the cultists will be after her too. Before they can do anything, the jet ski explodes, the fuel having been ignited by Melanie tossing a lighter onto the trail of gas left behind from the punctured tank. After getting tossed harshly against the bank, Phoebe gets up and leaves Cole, who calls after her not to go alone.

Attacked by Sonya

After walking alone for a ways, Phoebe comes across a clearing amongst the rocks with a lone camper sitting by a fire. She asks him for a ride back to town and he agrees, as soon as his wife returns with firewood. She sits next to him where he begins exhibiting some disquieting, lascivious behavior and reveals he has no wife. She tries to leave but he restrains her. Cole appears, relieving the tension. The man tells him to leave, but Cole takes Phoebe and they make their escape. The camper tries to give chase but trips and falls, his shoelaces having been tied together by Cole.

Cole and Phoebe hijack the camper's car but Sonya appears, wielding a flamethrower. She burns the camper alive and menacingly blows flames across their windshield. Cole runs Sonya over several times but the tenacious cultist bounces back, ending up on the hood of the speeding car, screaming threats at them. Cole runs into a solid cliff wall, pinning Sonya and leaving her helpless as a surfboard shoots off the roof of the car and decapitates her. Cole backs up but the car runs up on some rocks, stranding them. Melanie and the rest of the cultists approach. Cole and Phoebe get out of the car and hide beneath it, hearing the "new" and "old" cultists disharmoniously snip at each other. They eventually separate into two different search parties and leave. Phoebe and Cole then escape the area using the rocky bluffs overhead. Phoebe says they can go to her cabin and hide out until sunrise.

After a while, they stop and take a break. Phoebe apologizes to Cole for ditching him and thanks him for coming back for her. Cole believes he is the one who should be sorry for dragging her into such a nightmare. Phoebe has had worse times, however, having seen someone die before. After some more chitchat about life and world views, Phoebe reveals she is not really pregnant and only made it up to get people to leave her alone. They get up and hurry on along the rocks, attracting the attention of Allison, who has been waiting below. She heads off the two and terrorizes them by shooting nearby small animals and firing off random shots from her Desert Eagle magnum. One of her bullets ricochets off a rock and hits her in her own breast, distracting her long enough for Cole and Phoebe to make a run for it. Raging and shouting, Allison chases after them. Cole and Phoebe slip down in between two close-together rocks to the ground below. Allison tries to follow but her upper chest gets caught in between two rocks. She yells at them for help and Cole reluctantly suggests to Phoebe that they help her. As they each grab one of Allison's legs, however, they inadvertently rip her body from her head. To further affirm her death, a boulder falls and crushes her headless body.

Escaping from Max

As they ponder this unexpected overkill, Max attacks with an axe. They brawl with him for a moment, then escape to a boat at a nearby dock. Max runs after them and hops onto an inflatable raft, attached to the boat by a rope, just as they speed off. As he slowly reels himself closer and closer to the boat with the rope, Phoebe gets an idea. She kills the engine and Max closes in and boards the boat. Phoebe threateningly brandishes a can of silly string she has drawn from her backpack and sprays a good amount onto Max's face. Max dismisses this as "pretty lame" to which Phoebe replies "pretty flammable" as she busts out a lighter and uses the can to light Max's head on fire. In panic, he falls backwards into the water, getting tangled in the rope. Cole guns the engine where the motor propeller reels in the rope, pulls Max under and slices him apart.

Cole and Phoebe's first kiss

Cole and Phoebe continue calmly to the cabin and bond by sharing childhood dreams. Even though she feels hers are too weird, Cole is into hearing them, and she begins to see him as a friend. When they make it to the cabin, Phoebe once again experiences a past memory and gets a sense of foreboding as she holds the key she received. Inside the cabin, she takes Cole to her "rabbit hole", a hidden room beneath the floor with a locking door, full of her toys and belongings and adorned with fairy lights, that she built when she was little where she would feel safe. Phoebe feels at ease and shows Cole her stuffed bunny. She tells him about its reappearance, the key, and the fortune. Cole hits play on a nearby tape player and "Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang starts playing; a song they both love. Feeling a growing warmth for one another, they share an intimate moment where they begin kissing and end up having sex.

Phoebe being vulnerable

During their pillow talk, Cole tells Phoebe about his bad luck with girls and a little about his history with Melanie, including that they have kissed several times. He laments that any woman he has gotten close with has turned out to be a killer. Phoebe replies that his streak still stands. She sees herself as responsible for the car crash that killed both her parents and tells Cole the entire story. Guilt-ridden and distraught, she says that if she hadn't forgotten her bunny, they would still be alive. Cole comforts her and points out that the tragedy has made her strong, stronger than anyone he knows. Phoebe begins to realize that Cole really cares about her. They share another tender moment but before they can kiss again, Cole's dad, Archie, calls out from above.

Cole's initial instinct is to go up above but Phoebe pleads with him again and again not to, pointing out that the cult may have a few more tricks up their sleeves. Cole says that if the cult has set up a trap for them, then his father is in danger too. Phoebe agrees, but only if they arm themselves. Using the lucky numbers on the back of her fortune, they crack her father's safe and take up some weapons. Cole and Phoebe emerge upstairs, armed with a crossbow and a machete respectively. They find not only Archie, but Melanie's dad, Juan, as well as John. Seeing John, Cole panics and fires a bolt at John but hits a mechanical singing fish on the fireplace instead. Cole then clumsily charges John but slips and falls. John takes up a huge sword from the hearth and is about to take Cole out but an errant swing of the sword releases a sharp deer antler ornament from above and impales him through the head.

Phoebe and Cole stare down Melanie

Archie and Juan observe the scene horrifically, then Melanie appears, putting on an innocent, friendly act to get Cole to give in. Cole screams at her to stay back. Melanie and Archie repeatedly try to get Cole to stand down but he only becomes increasingly agitated. Phoebe backs up Cole, trying to convince Archie as well. She finally flings her machete at Melanie, who catches it with ease. Cole and Phoebe take off out the back door. Archie pursues. After running for a ways, Cole tells Phoebe to keep running while he stays behind to face his dad. He kisses her and promises to find her later. Phoebe continues on, while, unbeknownst to her, Archie gets close enough to Cole to sedate him and take him back to his car.

Phoebe unleashes her special move on Melanie

Melanie (after staying behind to murder her father) eventually catches up with Phoebe, who chastises the former for betraying Cole's trust. Melanie responds by pointing out Phoebe's flaws and how they make her a perfect candidate for the cultist team. Phoebe doesn't react to the offer and engages Melanie in an epic, Mortal Kombat style fight, where they unleash wild combos and special moves on each other. At the end, they both have the other on the ropes, but as Phoebe moves in to finish Melanie off, the latter takes her prisoner at knifepoint.

"People will do anything to get what they want, and what Cole wants...is you."

Melanie takes Phoebe to a small cove by the sea and ties her to a stake, monologuing like a true villain. Quickly bored by her self-satisfied spiel, Phoebe asks what she needs her for. Melanie is sure that Cole will come for Phoebe, knowing he loves her too much to leave her. Sure enough, Cole, having fought through the sedative and hijacked his father's car, calls Melanie and asks about Phoebe. She tells him to come to Pirate's Cove quickly or Phoebe dies.

Cole appears soon after, willing to participate in whatever ritual is necessary so that Phoebe won't be harmed. He sits in a large wicker chair, ready to have his blood drawn. Melanie, however, is waiting "for her". Cole and Phoebe watch in utter astonishment as Bee the babysitter emerges from the water, no worse for the wear, and seemingly still pulling the cult's strings. Cole is even more flabbergasted to learn that Bee was also Phoebe's babysitter, who presumably died in the car wreck. Phoebe believed her to be dead and herself to be the only survivor by a miracle. It is revealed that Phoebe wasn't going to make it after the accident. Bee made a deal with the devil (in the form of a demonic nurse at the hospital) in order to save her; a Faustian bargain.

Melanie steps forward to draw Cole's blood and from a row of large demonic sigils, Sonya, Max, Allison, and John all return from the dead, eager to achieve their desires. Melanie combines the blood of Cole (the innocent) and Boom-Boom (the sacrificed) and the cultists all drink excitedly. Their mirth is cut short, however, when they begin retching blood. In horror, they deduce that the ritual has been botched and a smiling Bee suggests that Cole isn't so innocent anymore. The furious cultists realize Cole and Phoebe have had sex and Cole's blood is now tainted. Bee is revealed to have betrayed the cultists. They watch as Sonya, Max, Allison, John, and Melanie gag and fall to the ground. One by one, their bodies burn and disintegrate. Melanie can only scream as her body bursts into an unceremonious pile of ash.


Bee frees Phoebe, who joyously leaps into Cole's arms. Bee reveals herself as the one who placed Bunny in Phoebe's locker, syphoned the gas from her jet ski, and even lured Melanie into the cult to bring Cole and Phoebe together. Bee experienced a change of heart hearing Cole say he loved her two years ago. Cole's dad appears on top of the nearby cliff, bewildered at seeing Bee. He makes his way down to join them. Bee says it isn't over as she is still a demon. In order to spare Cole and Phoebe from any part of the deal, she drinks the blood and gives the two a tearful goodbye before the earth opens up and she is taken back to hell. Mr. Johnson witnesses the entire thing and finally believes everything his son had been telling him. Cole shows him something else unbelievable and dips Phoebe low to the ground, where she gives her love one more kiss.


"Hey, gingerpop. Move your ass and leave the yogurt."

"There's no chakras, no Santa, no soulmates, no afterlife. Them's the breaks, pony boy. 'Stay gold', my ass."

[About the cultists] "What else do you expect from a collection of attention-seeking social media millennials with esteem issues?"

"Freeze, baby dolphin."

"I wanted to be Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to fall down the rabbit hole and wake up in a strange land, and meet all sorts of crazy characters, go on adventures along the way. Mad...wild...deranged adventures."

"There's something about tonight that doesn't feel like a coincidence."

"The knife toss isn't your specialty, Melanie. Maybe you should stick with trust as your weapon of mass destruction."



  • When Phoebe comes across the camper by the fire, he is strumming on his banjo a riff from the movie "Deliverance", ostensibly one of Phoebe's favorite movies.