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Master Piandao was one of the supporting characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was a Fire Nation bladesmith, swordmaster, calligrapher, and sifu. A former member of the Fire Nation Army, he was also a high-ranking member of the Order of the White Lotus. Piandao was also notable for his teaching of both Zuko and Sokka in swordsmanship and his participation in the liberation of Ba Sing Se.



While training Sokka, Piandao demonstrated his skills as a legendary swordsman.

Piandao was an extraordinarily accomplished master swordsman, with a vastly versatile fighting style from having accumulated many techniques of benders, warriors, and artisans and incorporated it into his swordsmanship. Perhaps the most powerful and skilled nonbender in the world, Piandao is easily the best swordsman in Fire Nation's history, having single-handedly won countless battles while in the army, made more impressive by how he was not a bender but his swordsmanship alone proved more than enough to make him the greatest fighter of the time, and having defeated a hundred Fire Nation soldiers so decisively he was left in peace afterward. His age and retirement did little to decrease his swordsmanship skills and he displayed outstanding swiftness and agility as well as physical strength. When testing Sokka, Piandao, although he was challenged by Sokka's ingenious use of tactics, ultimately displayed his superior level of swordsmanship and physical capability, as he was able to easily pressure Sokka in swordplay and counter all of his attacks and outright blitzed his student before he could react and overpowered him in strength quickly by forcibly throwing Sokka away several feet with his sword locked downwards with Sokka's, eventually fairly quickly disarming the young swordsman even despite being temporarily blinded, as his acute sense of hearing was able to ascertain Sokka's position by hearing him step on a twig and then attack and swiftly outfight and knock him down. Piandao is very aware of his surroundings, quickly able to remember their layout and his current location to better handle the situation at hand. He is able to catch a thrown sheath perfectly on his sword even when blinded. In the battle of Ba Sing Se, he disabled several soldiers with the aid of Pakku. Considering he was the tutor for Prince Zuko, it is implied that he was highly skilled in dual dao swords in addition to his skills with the Jian.

Other skills

In additional to his undeniable prowess in wielding a sword, Piandao was equally renowned for his skill in forging and repairing them with high quality and great artistic design. Many of his works became regarded as prized possessions of high price value. His skill could effectively use any form of material to create his swords, even a meteorite. Piandao was also a masterful artist, primarily in calligraphy, which further refined his precision and dexterity for swordsmanship.


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