Hey, Gohan. Gohan, you wanna do that thing where you get really mad and start beating the guy up? Gohan? Gohan? DON'T YOU F*CKING IGNORE ME!

Piccolo is a former antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: The Abridged Series by Team Four Star.


Unlike his stoic counterpart, the TFS version of Piccolo is a deadpan snarker. He's also secretly desperate for friends. When it comes to naming his attacks, he often struggles to make it sound cool or even pronounce it in its original Japanese form. He also has a habit of forgetting that his limbs can stretch, which would have helped him in a lot of situations. He's much more genre-savvy than the other protagonists, able to point out the growing trend in villain teams to have at least one pretty boy, one ugly brute and one weird-looking creature with freaky powers.

Piccolo's relationship with Gohan is much more rocky than it is in the original series. He gloats about how he killed his father (a deleted scene shows him bawling when he remembers his own father being killed by Goku), calls Gohan a nerd whenever he starts talking too much and his method of training Gohan involves attacking him whilst shouting "DODGE!". He seems put out by the fact that Goku is basically dumping his parental responsibilities on Piccolo so he can do whatever he wants. Despite his brusqueness, he does care for Gohan, sacrificing himself to save the boy from one of Nappa's attacks and giving him some small words of encouragement after seeing how badly Vegeta treated Trunks.

When Piccolo fuses with Nail, he starts hearing Nail's voice in his head. This becomes a recurring gag as Nail can read his most embarrassing thoughts. When Piccolo fuses with Kami, Kami teams up with Nail to taunt Piccolo.

A recurring gag is that Goku mistakenly belives that Piccolo is Yoshi, due to him being green and hatching from an egg at birth.

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