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I'm right there with you Captain, but your personal vendetta isn't going to get us anywhere!
~ Piers, to Chris.

Piers Nivans is one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil 6. He was a member of the SOA (Special Operations Unit) serving under Captain Chris Redfield during the C-Virus Outbreaks. Later on in the Underwater Facility in China, his arm gets crushed as soon HAOS confronts them again So presumably out of desperation and to rescue his Captain, he injects himself with the C-Virus and develops an appendage where right arm would be capabable of shooting out electricity. After that, Chris carries Piers to escape the facility. However, as he attempts to carry Piers over to 1 of the escape pods, Piers pushes Chris in. Chris pleads with him to open the door, by attempting to reassure him that the both can escape but possibly due to his fear that he would become a B.O.W and lose his humanity, lets his captain escape alone. HAOS apparently surviving their recent encounter attacks Chris' Escape Pod but an electric discharge hits HAOS, implying that he saved Chris' life. In the end, Chris honored him by remaining in the BSAA as Piers wanted instead of retiring.


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