Darling. Why don't you say hello to your friends.
~ Pietro to his daughter Penny

Pietro Polendina is a major hero in the animated web series RWBY he is an atlesian scientist who was the head of the P.E.N.N.Y project which resulted in the creation of his daughter Penny Polendina.


Pietro appears as an almost elderly man with dark skin and gray almost balding hair with a gray beard he wears a tan button up shirt with a dark red vest, a pink bowtie similar to the one his daughter originally wore in her hair, a green cap, oval glasses, brown pains and boots, and seems to move around by use of a mechanical chair with 4 mechanical legs


Pietro was assigned as the head of the P.E.N.N.Y. project that resulted in the creation of his daughter, however to ensure she had an aura Pietro sacrificed some of his for her. Some time later he came to the aid of Maria Calavera after she had lost her eyes by creating prosthetic ones for her.

Pietro is first seen watching the Vytal festival match of his daughter fighting Pyrrha Nikos and witnesses her destruction, however after Amity colosseum is moved to Atlas Pietro is able to recover Penny's core and rebuild her however he has to sacrifice more of his aura than the first time around. Pietro is also commissioned to build a prosthetic arm for Yang Xiao Long and have it sent to Taiyang Xiao Long in Patch.

Soon after helping a Faunus by giving her a prosthetic arm before Maria enters with Team RWBY, the remaining members of Team JNPR, and Qrow Branwen after telling them of everything he has been working on he slowly recognizes Team RWBY by all the things Penny has told about them. After the Sabyr attack Pietro greets his daughter and explains how he was able to rebuild her and witness Team RWBY and their allies' arrests by the Ace Operatives. Pietro later helps upgrade Team RWBY and their allies' weapons and sees them off on the mission to the dust mine. After the massacre at Robyn Hill's victory party and the subsequent framing of his daughter Pietro comforts his daughter before becoming distraught at the thought of people getting their way and having Penny dismantled due to the fact that he no longer has enough aura to rebuild her should she be destroyed again. Pietro latter enters the room after Team RWBY defeats the Ace Ops and after picking up Penny and the others Pietro leaves on a Manta with Team RWBY and their allies.


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