Pig is a pig character in the movie, Barnyard and its' television series spinoff, Back at the Barnyard voiced by the late Tino Insana.

Pig had a grandmother that gave him the talent of being a very good at cooking and can be seen cooking with many of the barnyard animals, including Otis, for Barnyard parties. In the episode his pies become so famous that a man offers to buy them for a "million bajillion" dollars, but Pig refuses to sell them.. Nobody knows the recipe (which was passed down from his grandmother), but at the end, he tells the other animals. A duck quack prevents the viewer from hearing; the animals, who did hear are disgusted, meaning that it wasn't appropriate for viewers to know. However, as the old saying goes, he's not the brightest candle on the birthday cake, and is known for having a love for unicorns and fictional characters like mud pixies and lepruchans.

Pig is the one to dress up most often and disguise as a human when his friends are trying to either play a joke on, or distract the real humans and has various segments in the series (such as Viewer mail and Dr. Pig) that interrupt some of the most important parts of the episode. His pet is Skunky the Skunk.

Pig loves to t is one of the first examples of 'video ambushing', where organisations being investigated turn the camera on the film makers. The , whose members include the Hollywood stars and , shadowed the team in America with its own camera crew. It has made a 'counter documentary', attacking methods, and distributed 100,000 DVDs to MPs, civil servants, religious groups, media organisations and business leaders.


  • His accent sounds a little Slavic, Romanian, or Italian.
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