Pig is the tritagonist of the Home franchise. He is the tritagonist of Home, and Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh. He's a chubby calico cat, and the pet of Gratuity "Tip" Tucci, from the 2015 Dream Works animated movie, Home. Along with Tip, Pig helps the film's protagonist, an exiled Boov named Oh, learn to empathize with and care about the original inhabitants of Earth. Pig is fiercely loyal to Tip, and takes a quick liking to Oh, which helps Tip along the way in forgiving Oh for his people's transgressions against the people of Earth. Oh had never bonded with an animal before he met Pig, and is impressed by Pigs ability to purr, to which Oh comments that pig is "vibrating". Pig helps Oh find Tip near the end of the movie. Pig has a curly tail, which likely contributed to their naming.

Pig inadvertently saved Tip from being relocated to happy human town by clinging to the top of her head while the Boov were scanning for humans. Because Pig was not human, the Boov ignored both Pig and Tip, leaving them in New York. Sadly, Tip's mother was relocated.

Pig has an affinity for human food, and their favorite food seems to be ice cream.

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