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Daizzi, Rejoice!
~ Rose during her transformation into Pigella.

Rose Lavillant is a recurring character from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. In season 4, she receives the Pig Miraculous from Ladybug, which, when inhabited by the kwami Daizzi, can transform her into Pigella, a pig-themed superhero.

She was voiced by Erin Fitzgerald for Season 1 and later Reba Buhr for Seasons 2 onward.


Physical appearance

Rose is a slightly tanned, fair-skinned, slender teenage girl of medium height. Her hair is a honey blonde pixie cut with bangs that slightly cover her eyes to the right and a tiny cowlick on top. In regards to her face, she has thin eyebrows, round vivid sapphire blue eyes, eyeliner and light orchid lipstick.

Civilian attire

Rose wears a crotch-length light magenta dress with light pink sleeves and the front of the top. The dress has pink and vivid magenta stripes on the front, a pink back that has a pale golden wing design, and a dark magenta wearable band tied around her waist. She also wears a pink mini skirt with two white edges at the bottom of the cloth, white leggings, two pink bracelets around her right wrist, and brown soled pink sandals.

As Princess Fragrance

Princess Fragrance's skin is a moderate green, and her eyes are vivid blue-violet with brilliant fuchsia sclerae. Her hair is a luminous vivid magenta with very light raspberry colored-edges on her bangs. It is long and tied back into a rosebud-like bun, (hence her name) and detailed with black horizontal lines and black leaves around the bottom half. A black tube comes out of the top of the bun and hangs down to the back of her knees, and the end of her hair is tied with a black band. Some black paint is around her upper face and over her eyes with a swirl below her left eye, like a mask. She also has luminous vivid cerise-colored lipstick.

Her outfit is a very dark mulberry colored-turtleneck collared skin-tight suit and covers her arms and legs. Narrow pink lines go down her puffed sleeves and puffed shorts, and they make a rose design on her chest. Her high heel shoes are connected to her suit, and they are very dark mulberry colored, with pink heels and pointed pink tips to her toes. Her blaster is a dark purple tear-shaped bottle with pink horizontal lines, and the end is clear, rounded, light pink glass surrounded by dark gray leaf-like edges where it attaches to the bottle. Through the bottle and out of the end of the glass is a small, dark gray pipe, which is where the perfume shoots out. The handle and the trigger are thin, curled dark gray metal wire, and over one part of the handle near the back, there is a round, dark purple piece with indented lines spiraling around it.

As Pigella

Pigella wears a pink, magenta, and white V-necked jumpsuit with pink lining on her collar. Her hair grows longer and is tied in two pigtails, possibly resembling pig ears. Her bangs are straighter, curved, and swept aside. She has a light pink skirt around her waist. On her legs she has three white stripes. The upper part of her feet are white, and the bottom is pink. She also wears a mask that is white on top, magenta in the middle, and pink on the bottom and a button with a swirly pattern on her chest.


Rose is a sweet, cheerful, and naive teenage girl. With an optimistic and happy attitude, Rose cares for everyone around her, often showing much gratitude, and she likes helping them. An example of this is when she was offering snacks and drinks to her classmates during their movie project in "Horrificator". As she is naive, her kindness can occasionally lead her to a downfall, such as in the episode "Timebreaker" when the title character tricks her. Rose is also very sensitive, easily becoming too frightened to run for class representative after Chloé threatens to kick her out of the scrapbooking club in "Darkblade". In "Befana", Rose is shown to be very brave, however, when standing up for her friends. Her courage is further shown in "Zombizou" in which she risks herself to save Chloé from the titular villain's minions. Rose also encouraged Marinette to try again at giving her gift to Adrien in "Cat Blanc".

As mentioned by Marinette in her webisode, Rose is more open and honest with her feelings to a guy she likes, such as Prince Ali.

As Princess Fragrance, Rose is obsessed with Prince Ali and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goal to make him hers. She expects people to treat her like royalty, and is particularly enraged by people who take Prince Ali away from her or will not follow her. She also likes to sing and makes everyone under her control sing.

As Pigella, she retains her normal personality, remaining the cheerful and happy girl she is, something that helps her when it comes to using her power.

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

In "Zombizou", Rose is shown to be strong enough to carry Chloé, although only barely. As a member of the band Kitty Section, Rose is also a good singer and songwriter.

As Pigella

As Pigella, she, like all Miraculous holders, has enchanted attributes such as strength, speed, agility and durability. Her special superpower, Gift, has her swing her tambourine to create a magical present box that, when opened by the target, shows them an image of whatever they wish for most in a pink-hued ball of light, which is meant to bring the target happiness.


Season 1

In "Princess Fragrance", after Chloé tears her letter to Prince Ali, she is corrupted by Hawk Moth into the titular supervillain capable of brainwashing people with her perfume.

After being de-akumatized, she confesses to Prince Ali, telling him how she appreciates that he helps sick people around the world. Touched by her honesty and modesty, Prince Ali invites her to go with him to the hospital, choosing her over Chloé, leaving the latter to scream furiously.

Season 4

In "Guiltrip", Ladybug gives the Pig Miraculous to Rose to help defeat her friend Juleka, who has been transformed by Hawk Moth into Reflekta again. She meet Daizzi, the pig kwami, and transforms into Pigella for the first time, using her power to make Juleka happy so that she can be de-Akumatized.


  • Her first voice actress, Erin Fitzgerald, also voiced Kodachi Kuno in Ranma ½ Season 5, Nazz in Ed, Edd n Eddy, Seiko Kimura in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School and Abbey Bominable, Spectra Vondergeist, Rochelle Goyle, and Scarah Screams in Monster High.
  • Her second voice actress, Reba Buhr, also voiced Karen Kohiruimaki in Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, and Katie Forester and Hidabat in Yo-Kai Watch.
  • Rose Lavillant is the eighth person to become a Miraculous holder who was also an Akumatized villain, following Nino Lahiffe in "The Bubbler" and Alya Césaire in "Lady Wifi", Max Kanté in "Gamer", Chloé Bourgeois in "Antibug", and Kagami Tsurugi in "Riposte", but excluding Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth, who Akumatized himself in "The Collector" into the titular villain.
  • Using the Pig Miraculous makes Rose one of twelve Miraculous Users who's Kwamis represent the Chinese Zodiac. In her case, the Pig/Boar.


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