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Pigeon is the secondary protagonist of the 2014 Adult Swim animated TV series Mike Tyson Mysteries. He is voiced by the late Norm Macdonald.

He was originally a tall human but got turned into a pigeon by his ex-wife Sandra Sanchez because he didn’t not treat his wife very well and got the taste of his own medication. He is a very egotistical borderline alcoholic, self-proclaimed sex addict and drug abuser with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He was born in the fall. He had a tragic childhood. It’s very possible he has a single father because his father is the only person he mentions to he’s friends and crew but not Yung Hee Tyson at first because he didn’t even know she’s Pigeon’s biological daughter also he truly didn’t really wanted to tell her about information mainly because he does not want her to think he’s been a horrible father to her by being nothing but rude to her nonstop. Right after he found out he’s Yung’s father he decided to spend time with her by treating her like a friend and a bunch of people truly hope Pigeon tells Yung the truth about that Pigeon being her father later.

He is Mike Tyson’s best friend. Despite he’s acts like he’s very selfish he deeply has a care for others because he’s was willing to hangout with Yung in the episode Your Old Man and he truly proves he has a remorse for his other actions as well. He has a gambling problem. He’s a bisexual.

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