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The Pigeon Lady is the deuteragonist of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

She was played by Brenda Fricker.


At some point in time, the woman had a job, a family, and was in love with a man who eventually fell out of love with her. As a result, she refused to fall in love again, and stopped trusting others.

Over the years, she became homeless and would tend to the pigeons in Central Park. One day, she encountered Kevin McCallister; Kevin quietly exclaimed "Sick!" and ran away from her, scared.

Later, the two encountered each other a second time. He attempted to run from her, but got his foot caught. She freed him, and Kevin started to run, but stopped and apologized for being scared of her. After she give him some birdseed and had him throw in in the air, to attract the pigeons, they went to a concert in a loft above Carnegie Hall and heard a performance of "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful."

There, she told Kevin about having heard the world's great music from the loft: Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavoratti. When Kevin asked her if she brought her friends up to the loft, she told him she did not have many friends. When Kevin apologized, she explained that she was like the birds she cared for in that people would ignore her and wish she was not there. Kevin admitted that he could relate to this, feeling as though he was his household's "pigeon" since he was the youngest. The Pigeon Lady then explained to Kevin her past about how she once had a career and a fiancée, but was then dumped, and has been afraid to talk to, or trust anyone since. She advised him that a good deed erases a bad one, and that on Christmas Eve, good deeds counted for extra. She suggested to Kevin that he think of the most important thing he could do for others, and go and do it. Kevin told her that if she needed someone to trust, it could be him, and that he would not forget to remember her, and the Pigeon Lady then gave one final parting piece of advice, telling him not to make promises he could not keep.

Later, when Harry and Marv brought Kevin to Central Park and Harry had Kevin at gunpoint, the Pigeon Lady came along with a bucket of birdseed, and told them to let Kevin go. When they do so, she screamed at Kevin to run. Harry attempted to shoot her, but was unable to do so (because of his gun having been jammed with varnish). The Pigeon Lady then threw the birdseed onto Harry and Marv, prompting pigeons to attack them and knock Harry and Marv to the ground, and the Pigeon Lady laughed. When Kevin thanked her, she blew him a kiss in return.

The next day, Kevin ran into the park and they wished each other a Merry Christmas. Kevin then gave her one of two turtledoves that Mr. Duncan had given him, and then added that as long as they each had a turtledove, they would be friends forever. The Pigeon Lady was touched by this and thanked Kevin, who reaffirmed his promise to be her friend. She smiled and they hugged.


  • The Pigeon Lady is similar to Old Man Marley from the previous film:
    • Both have been abandoned by their families and live alone.
    • Both have a few on-screen appearances.
    • Kevin was initially terrified of both of them due to a distinctive appearance and false impressions of what they're like until they each proved their kindness to him later on and he, in turn, proved his kindness to them both.
    • Both rescued Kevin from being killed or maimed by Harry and Marv in the film's climax.
    • Both characters' lives change for the better at the end of their respective movies. At the end of the first movie, Old Man Marley is happily reunited with his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. At the end of the second movie, Kevin gives the Pigeon Lady turtledoves he had gotten from Duncan's Toy Chest earlier.
  • The Pigeon Lady is also similar to Garrett from Quest for Camelot in that:
    • Both lose trust in other people due to heartbreaking traumas in their past, causing them to run away to live among trees.
    • Both characters live alongside birds; the Pigeon Lady cares for flocks of pigeons while Garrett hunts with Ayden the silver winged falcon.
    • Both characters befriend heroes that help them trust others again; the Pigeon Lady meets Kevin while Garrett meets Kayley, Devon and Cornwall.
    • In the end, both characters' lives change for the better as Garrett marries Kayley and the Pigeon Lady is given a turtledove by Kevin.


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