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~ Piggley's catchphrase

Piggley Winks is the son and eldest child of Padrig and Elly Winks, the older brother of Molly, the father of Ciara, the grandfather of Meg, Sean and Seamus, the best friend of Ferny Toro and Dannan O'Mallard and is the main protagonist of Jakers!: The Adventures of Piggley Winks.

He is voiced by Maile Flanagan (who is also the English voice actress for Naruto Uzumaki) as a child and the late Peadar Lamb as an adult.

Role in the series

At the start of the episodes, Piggley is shown living a house in America with his daughter Ciara and her children Meg, Sean and Seamus. Whenever the children have an issue, Piggley, as a moral lesson, would tell them of his childhood days in 1950s Ireland.

The rest of the episodes then show Piggley as a 8 (later 9) year-old living on Raloo Farm in the village of Tara with his parents Padraig and Elly and younger sister Molly. He also has adventures with his best friends Ferny and Dannan.

He is also seen attending school with Ferny and Dannan and several other children including his rival Hector McBadger and is taught by the gruff but kind-hearted Mr. Hornsby.

In the episode "Our Dragon's Egg", Piggley, Ferny and Dannan find a large egg whilst out playing and believe it to have been laid by a dragon. The egg later hatches and the "dragon" hides in Raloo Farm's barn. The trio along with Molly are able to capture it and take it inside where Padraig reveals that the "dragon" is actually a cygnet (the name given to a baby swan) and that it should be in the wild. The following day, Piggley and his friends reunite the cygnet with it's mother and siblings.

In the episode "Rock Around the Cluck", Piggley discovers Rock and Roll (which emerged during the 1950s) and formed a band with Ferny and Dannan called The Raloo Rockers.

At the end of each episode, back in the present, Piggley finishes telling his story and would break the fourth wall by looking to the viewers and winking at them.

In the two-part episode "Wish Upon a Story", Piggley celebrates his birthday and is visited by a now adult Ferny (who serves as an honorary uncle to Meg, Sean and Seamus).


As a child Piggley wore a cream coloured jumper, brown shorts and green Wellington boots.

As an adult Piggley wears once again a cream coloured jumper thought now wears brown trousers, slippers, glasses, a red scarf and a flat cap.



  • In the episode "Pie Filling", Piggley mentions having an uncle, but it is not known if he is related to Piggley through Padraig or Elly.
  • In the episode "The Case of the Big Sty", it is revealed that Piggley's favourite radio show is Piggley Trotter, Private Eye and as a child, he and Ferny who play detectives.
  • Piggley's favourite colour is green and his favourite food is apple pie.
  • In the episode "The Cat Came Back and Back", it is revealed that the story Piggley tells to Sean and Seamus in the episode, was also one he told Ciara when she was younger, thus revealing that Piggley also recounted his childhood adventures to Ciara.


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