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Your'e talking too much. Shut up Fatty.
~ Jack Merridew to Piggy

Piggy in the 1963 film

Piggy is the deuteragonist in the novel and films Lord of the Flies. Although male like absolutely everybody in the film, he provides the only female voice by quoting his aunt frequently. His real name is never mentioned.

As his name suggests he is obese but as well as this he is also asthamatic and Myopic. He first meets Ralph on the island and is startled when there is no grown-ups (apparently). Along with Ralph he meets the other boys on the island and starts to be an outsider. As things break up along with Ralph he sticks to the conch and travels to Castle Rock with Ralph, Sam and Eric. There Ralph and Jack fight. In the ensuing fight Piggy is killed after Roger sends a boulder rolling down the hill crushing him. In the book he gets hit by the boulder and goes flying into the water where he sinks in his own blood.

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