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The Piglins are a heroic tribe of travellers in Animator vs. Minecraft short "The Piglin War". While Piglins are hostile mobs in their original appearance in Minecraft (though they are more neutral due to their different morals), here they have a more heroic role as they befriend Blue of the Fighting Stick Figures.


The Piglins are a tribe of pig-faced humanoids who live in the Crimson Forest. They are obsessed with gold and show respect to anyone who has it, but become hostile towards anyone without gold, wielding golden swords and crossbows. The only exception is the baby Piglin, whom befriends Blue even without gold and defends him against the tribe's hostility despite being a stranger to them. The Piglins tame large hogs named Hoglins, and use them as transport while guiding them with leashes and transporting their gold with chests (which they cannot do in the original game).

The leader of the Piglins wears a golden chestplate and is the parent of the baby Piglin. The tribe cares about the baby Piglin the most due to being the leader's child, since they were horrified when the baby was attacked by the zombie Piglins and after Blue risked his life to save it, the other Piglins saved him and were thankful to him even without his helmet.

When The Second Coming and the other three Fighting Stick Figures entered, the Piglins attacked them until noticing Red's pig. They took a liking to it and became hostile towards Red when trying to retrieve it until the pig showed its attachment to Red, causing the Piglins to pardon him. After showing them a picture of Blue, the Piglins welcome the group due to being friends with the one whom they befriended and saved their lives.


Blue realizes that he has no nether wart in his storage, so he sneaks past the other Fighting Stick Figures to build a portal to the Nether. He enters a Crimson Forest and tries to test if any of the plants are edible, only to hate their tastes and spit them out. Suddenly, a baby Piglin sneaks behind Blue and plays with him, and he gets frightened by its appearance. However, the baby Piglin turns out to be friendly and waves hello, so Blue shows it a picture of nether wart and asks to find it. The baby Piglin introduces its tribe to Blue and tells them about his request, but afterward the other Piglins show aggression towards him for not having gold on him, so he runs and hides. The baby Piglin gives Blue a gold helmet so the others won't attack him, and the other Piglins become friendly towards Blue as long as he has his helmet. Blue takes off his helmet to scratch an itch, aggressing them until he puts it back on. He tests them by taking his helmet off and putting it back on again, and the Piglins only become hostile if the helmet is taken off.

Once Blue promises to keep the helmet on for good, the Piglins accept his request and get the Hoglins ready for their journey, also taking a chest with their supply of gold. They travel across different biomes of the Nether, like a Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley and Basalt Delta, where the baby Piglin gives Blue a Warped Fungus to eat, but he refuses and stores it away. They finally get to a Nether Fortress bridge, where Blue tiredly stretches, causing his gold helmet to fall from the bridge into the lava. The Piglins become hostile again and try to kill Blue, who fends them off with his diamond sword while the baby Piglin tries to reason with them, until the Hoglin he's riding on bucks him off. Blue runs away from the angry Piglins and finds himself in front of a huge army of Zombie Piglins and Zoglins. The zombified army fights against Blue and the Piglins. When one of the Piglins tries to attack, Blue refuses to attack and instead fights the zombies. The baby Piglin tries to run away as the Zombie Piglins try to harm it until it gets surrounded, hyperventilating in fear. Blue tries to save the baby but a Piglin tries to stop him, while a Zoglin knocks the stick figure off the bridge and into the lava.

The chestplate-wearing Piglin comes to rescue its child and carries it to make it safe, but the baby realizes that Blue fell into the lava and gasps in shock. Luckily, Blue lands on a Strider (a passive Nether mob that can walk on lava) and soon finds out that it can be controlled using the Warped Fungus he packed earlier. He is able to retrieve his golden helmet and leads the entire colony of Striders to dry land. The Piglin tribe is unable to fight the zombies due to overwhelming them in numbers, so they have to run away. Blue makes it in time to get the survivors to ride the Striders to safety. As the Piglins ride the Striders through the lava, the Zombie Piglins and Hoglins have no choice but to swim in the lava (since they are fireproof). The baby Piglin taunts them but a Zombie Piglin surfaces from the lava and grabs it, to the tribe's horror. Blue runs across the Striders to leap in order to save the baby, in danger of both the lava and the Zombie Piglins trying to eat them. One of the Piglins alerts the leader to come back for them, and the Piglin tribe goes back to save both of them. When Blue gets back up, his golden helmet falls into the lava for good, but the tribe is grateful for Blue saving the child even without his helmet, so the leader hugs him and the rest of them cheer.

When they reach the surface, the baby Piglin takes out the entire supply of Warped Fungus in the tribe's chest (to one Piglin's shock) to feed the Striders for saving them. They get to the Nether Fortress and the tribe says their goodbyes to Blue, with the baby Piglin hugging him and the leader shaking hands with him. Meanwhile, the Second Coming and the other Fighting Stick Figures headed to the Nether to find their friend, guided by Red's pig. By the time they come across the Nether Fortress bridge, the Piglin tribe approaches them. The stick figures pull out their swords expecting a fight, but the leader takes a fondness to the pig and pets it. Red tries to retrieve it but they become aggressive, until the pig shows its affection towards Red, causing the Piglins to trust the group. Red shows them a picture of Blue, and they react positively due to being him being their friend who saved them before. The stick figures thank the Piglins and head off to find Blue, but unbeknownst to them, an impostor of the Second Coming is one step ahead, taking Blue further away.


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